Should we include B:D's mold in testing? Should we test always against RD B:D?

So, I've been thinking, not only should we include B:D's molds in testings, but I feel as if something should be tested against Revizer Dragooon B:D before we can consider it a good combo. Do you see what I mean? I feel like it is dominating enough to make it like a benchmark of some sort.
I think most people already do. A custom can still be good without defeating Dragooon BGrin.People do need to state their mold of BGrin, though. By the way, proposal is spelled wrong.
Yeah, only most.
Not necessarily. I am seeing some metagames where RD BGrin is the only good combo placing.
And how are we supposed to know its true ability if it is a 2 minute mold?
If people have a two minute mold, they can test, but other tests will be needed to confirm if their combo does well against it. With Hyperblades out, it should be easy and cheap to get a better mold.
I'm frankly worried about comparing Bearing Drive molds, unless you're doing an average out of countless tests.

My BD sometimes reaches 3 minutes, usually around 4~5, and can also reach 6-7minutes and all on a Phantom Orion, no Metal faces of any kind. So that kind of issue that I have is quite disturbing when trying to determine the minute mold.
I seriously don't know what the big fuss about Reviser Dragooon BGrin is. It's not even used in the UK meta clearly proving that it isn't the end all be all of combos... If you guys experiment to find proper counters then maybe it won't dominate so much!
Sure, but that is the whole point: to find and see if a combo could be a counter, therefore findin much more counters. See what I am saying?
RD B: D is too dominant to be excluded. Yes, it should be the 'benchmark' for now.

B: D molds should be states, as in their A1, A2, A3 and A4, as well as Solo Spin Times, for the sake of scientific results.
I don't think the A whatever makes any difference. The only thing that needs to be stated is solo spins.
(Dec. 20, 2012  11:23 AM)Ultra Wrote: I don't think the A whatever makes any difference. The only thing that needs to be stated is solo spins.

Maybe, but each Mold is different with each other somehow...
In which stadium are you looking for test results, BB-10 or BBG-04?
Obviously BBG-04.
______ Dragooon B:D is obviously the best combo for ZERO-G in general, and while it can be used as a "benchmark" in some instances, I don't think mandating that everything should be tested against it is the right thing to do. What if a particular combo is designed to defeat right-spin ZERO-G combos? It might have difficulty defeating Dragooon B:D, but does that mean it isn't a good combo? Not entirely.
Kei is so true. I have a good Sway attack that is pretty good and can beat a lot of right spins, but can't be Dragooon BD.
I mean, being able to defeat Dragooon B:D is a pretty big deal right now, but there's also right-spin Stamina combos running around–like Duo Cancer SA165BWD–which can defeat it. Having something designed to beat that, but that would do poorly against B:D just means that it is specialized, not "bad".
This goes back to the time of MF Lightning L-Drago BD145 LRF really, counters for one bey flying all over the place.

So really, test against ____ Dragooon B: D for a standard, but it doesn't make or break the combo. Test against all types, and this as a metagame recommendation I guess.
If people keep referring to the spectrum of solo spin times b: d's all sit on as "molds" instead of the simple variation in performance it is, we're going to have a lot of confused newbies. Cut it out.

Also, *ginga*, try to actually make your thread titles descriptive so people know what they're about before reading. It's common courtesy to others, particularly those with limited bandwidth.

Finally, including pertinent information like the performance of parts known to vary widely is already considered necessary information, and people who haven't provided it should be asked to do so - a thread was hardly needed for this.
I'm the one with limited bandwidth-thought it was some new campaign by the WBO on initiate testing norms.....
well,why such hype about the Revizer Dragooon BD combo?
Just use flash and take it out!
well,jokes apart(what I said,may or may not be considered as a joke),something on GF should be lucky enough to take that RDBD combo out
(Diablo Kerbecs BD145/GB145/W145/CH120/S130 GF maybe?)
Death W145 GF has no problems with it and beats right spin stamina too.
how about try duo-------- bd i have two so ill test later
I know there is another mold which is included in the Phantom Orion Skeleton clear ver. It's on ebay though, if we can at least get one for the mold testing, then it will be good.