Should the WBO add a sheet music section?

Poll: Should there be a sheet music section?

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(Jul. 26, 2012  11:17 AM)GravityPerseus. Wrote: That'll be great, i'm a Guitarist.
i'll help if u like.
Thanks. Could you arrange something and PM it to me in the next couple days?

(Jul. 26, 2012  1:01 PM)DragonX13 Wrote: That will be a nice change.
Just relax and listen music while browsing around.People could also submit their own made songs to earn more popularity.So sure you can add it.
You have the wrong idea. You don't listen to sheet music, it's paper. You play it. You provide the music. No, compositions will not be welcome.
We already have something for things which only have a limited scope, you're in one right now, and it's called a thread.
I am of the opinion that this little "project" doesn't warrant anything greater than just a thread, as well. Stickied IF it turns out fruitful, but otherwise... it's just not important enough, or large enough for that matter, to have an entire section dedicated to it, or anything at all more significant than just a regular thread.

I am not certain you could even fill more than maybe two pages of a thread with completed sheet music of all the Beyblade music in existence, so this... just seems excessive.
It's also important to note that the music you're talking about notating only has a single thread itself, and what you're proposing has an even more limited appeal than that.
(Jul. 26, 2012  4:32 PM)Bey-Heart Wrote: Thanks. Could you arrange something and PM it to me in the next couple days?

I'll Try, But if I Cant Then I'll let you know.Wink

i play violin...
I rly like this idea. im a cellist and acoustic guitarist myself, so i think it would be fun. Smile