Shining up tarnished metal parts

Hey everyone,
I got back into beyblading about a month or two ago and I spent alot of time trying to find parts to my blades and rebuilding them. I have to say i did a good job and recovered 55/60 beyblades including all of my hms blades. The metal of all my blades have become darkened over time and looking at stock pictures of beyblades i have I would love to restore the shine factor to my blades seeing how many of them are mint except for the tarnished metal. I was just wondering though, and im sure this is happening to many people who have older blades that sat in a box for a couple of years. So the question Im asking is what kind of materials are needed and what works the best and maybe some before after pics when im done to show contrast. Also this will help when our mfbs get a little older Wink
There might be some useful information here:
Please can you use the Question and anwser thread.
I'm going to write a post (with photos) on my blog about this, I think quite soon...
Go to any hardware store and ask for metal polish. It's the same thing people use on their collection knives, tools or anything.
I tried to make a sort of "mini-guide" to polish Metal Wheels: Beyblade Maintenaince

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