September 2016 Giveaway: B-59 Zillion Zeus I.W. - Passport Holders Only

Enter me..Cool Giveaway Smile
Looks good.
I hope I win haha Tongue_out

c'mon luck stat
Naru Blader
Count me in! Wink
Enter me! Grin
nickien Retired
Looks like the Zeus of plastics
enter me in,i just need any new parts just to add to my burst collection
Haha, looks like I dropped in to post right in the nick of time Tongue_out
I hope I win too
The entry period is now over. Thank you to everyone for entering! Please stay tuned for the announcement of the winner soon!
And the winner of the brand new B-59 Zillion Zeus I.W. is ... Stormscorpio1! Congratulations!

Please PM me your full name, address, and phone number and I will have it shipped to you as soon as possible! Additionally, please post which Face Booster you would like here:
  • Face Booster RED [Image: faceboosterred.png]
  • Face Booster BLUE [Image: faceboosterblue.png]
  • Face Booster GREEN [Image: faceboostergreen.png]
  • Face Booster ORANGE [Image: faceboosterorange.png]
  • Face Booster YELLOW [Image: FaceBoosterIconYellow.png]
  • Face Booster PURPLE [Image: FaceBoosterIconPurple.png]
  • Face Booster CRIMSON [Image: faceboostercrimson.png]
  • Face Booster AZURE [Image: faceboosterazure.png]
  • Face Booster AMBER [Image: faceboosteramber.png]
  • Face Booster VIOLET [Image: faceboosterviolet.png]
  • Face Booster JADE [Image: faceboosterjade.png]
  • Face Booster AZURE [Image: faceboosterazure.png]
  • Face Booster JET [Image: faceboosterjet.png]
  • Face Booster VIVID [Image: faceboostervivid.png]
  • Face Booster AMETHYST [Image: Face_Booster_AMETHYST.png]
  • Face Booster SAPPHIRE [Image: Face_Booster_SAPPHIRE.png]
  • Face Booster EMERALD [Image: Face_Booster_EMERALD.png]
  • Face Booster RUBY [Image: Face_Booster_RUBY.png]
  • Face Booster ONYX [Image: Face_Booster_ONYX.png]
  • Face Booster DRIVER[Image: h9jFJhE.png]

Thank you to everyone who entered! Stay tuned for another giveaway next month.
Bey Brad
Congrats Stormscorpio1!
COngrats StormScorpio1!!! Maybe you will get it by Battle Cry!!!
AYY Lamo! Thanks a lot committee, for my Face Booster I guess I'll take another Revizer(sapphire)
Congratulations Stormscorpio 1!
(Sep. 24, 2016  11:59 PM)Stormscorpio1 Wrote: AYY Lamo! Thanks a lot committee, for my Face Booster I guess I'll take another Revizer(sapphire)

Sorry to disappoint; you got an Orojya Face this time. Wink