Selling large Beyblade Plastic/HMS Collection (CAME BACK, NEW STOCK))


1 x Dranzer S NIB
1 x Wyborg Black
1 x Dranzer GT
1 x Dragoon GT
1 x Black Dranzer
1 x Zeus
1 x Rock Bison


Still have Dragoon GT,Dranzer GT ,Rock Bison
Have you thought about making a tryhorn?
I also wonder afer if you make tryhorn, sharkrash, hedgehog
both answered Smile

i will try to make tryhorn on the future Smile

but next will be vanishing moot because i have original bit beast of vanishing moot.
(Apr. 13, 2019  1:37 PM)tanerow123 Wrote: !bump keep selling.

check your dms Smile