[Selling]  Zoroaste's HMS and Plastics Store!

I recommend Zoroaste as well!! I have bought 2 different packages off of him and they both came within 4 days (can't remember the exact number) of the date of order and I live all the way across the other side of the world!! His products are also in spectacular condition!! So I would never hesitate to buy from him many more times! The prices he sets are very reasonable! Grin
Just got my package from Zoroaste today, It came fast and was exactly as described. His prices are great and I would definitely recommend him
(Aug. 03, 2016  11:02 PM)Zoroaste Wrote: Thanks man, I appreciate your business and endorsement.
Nah, sorry, no more red DEMS. Only had a couple that were sold a long time ago and then extra running cores (those random boosters come with random parts, so you aren't guaranteed full beys)

Oh well. I guess I'll just have to go back to looking. Hopefully I find one though!
I can agree with all the others, got my package today, so it just took 6 days to get here (Germany). Nice and save packaging, everything as it was shown/described and good communication. Price was really good imo.
Thanks and I hope to buy from you again Smile