[Selling]  Trading for intresting beys only!!!

I'l trade you a storm pegasus, for Evil Beafowl
For the last time guys:

If you have offers, take it to PMs. Only post on this thread to notify the seller/trader of a sent PM or to give feedback/ask questions. DO NOT POST OFFERS AND NEGOTIATE WITH THE THREAD STARTER ON THE THREAD ITSELF.

This applies to you to aquriomaster. (aqurio? wtc?)
oh sorry about this

what so funny about my user name!!
That it's spelt incorrectly, like most of your posts. Almost all browsers/all good browsers come with spell check, you know, there really is no excuse (laziness isn't an excuse).
okay sorry about my post I will go through the OP and fix all errors I spelled it that way on purpose OP errors fix sorry for the inconvenience
PM returned
Trade for Scythe Kronos.

PM sent!!!
Pm returned
OK..remember that trade we were supposed to be doing, but you bailed out of cause I couldn't send first, do you still want to do it it was evil befall UW145EWD and Basalt Horogium 145WD for MF Bakushin Susanow 90WF and MF storm saggitario C145HF/S
im sorry but i can only trade if you ship first
OP updated i now take Xbox360 games
and i am trading Devil may cry 4
Please don't double post within 48 hours. Simply use the EDIT feature instead.
ohh sorry wow i should know this already
i have got black ops and gears of war 2, if u want to trade PM me plz
you got any others
BTW lets take this to PM
i am closed