[Selling]  [Trading/Selling] Yu-Gi-Oh Cards for MFB and Zero g Beys

Selling and Trading used Yu-gi-oh cards for Used/Mint condition MFB or/and Zero g beyblades
here are the cards:
Regular Cards:
Rare/Super Rare/Ultra Rare Cards
I will be updating this weekly and these are the beys Im looking for:
4d Metal Wheels
Energy Rings
4d Bottom/Tracks/Tips
also here is the link
also if you want closer pictures of a certain card and will be willing to make an offer pm me
sorry for double post bt the picture includes some metal master and fusion beys
if u dont own phantom orion any other 4d bey will be ok
is anyone going to comment because i really need phantom orion or any other 4d bey
Your last three posts are SPAM. If you have something to add, simply edit your previous post. Furthermore, yes, if nobody posts, either nobody is interested, or nobody who is interested has browsed your thread yet. It has not even been a day.
you are correct and sorry because i was to impatient
updated now Selling and Trading Yu-Gi-Oh cards for mfb and zerog beyblades
i have some cards to for trade
are u trading beyblades or cards?
beyblades and cards i am intrested in kreis and dragonis wheel ill trade for thoose to and how much for omega thanks? i have earth virgo thermal pices those are the only beys i have for trade as i need new parts i will list cards another time ?

any the bb-10 how much?
lol no the items im only trading are cards lol you are looking at the items i need/want for trade
ohh XD well i have some yugioh cards nothing amazing a do have 1 useful card tho hedge guard
yeah sorry im only looking for beyblades lol I quit yu-gi-oh 3 years ago bt i am selling cards also i have other cards that i will update weekly
Idont know why but I have some
I have 80 yugio cards
updated op and please read it before pming and posting
Just saying but your images do not work so please fix that.
Thanks! Smile