Selling/Trading First & Second Generation Beyblades

bump .... i have still more beys yes i have all this
and more....PM me if interested, or post if you want to see the pics
bump.... sold some random stuff at the tournament.............
EDIT: will be adding stuff
will you trade complete beys
pm sent abut stadiums
Hey does anyone have a blitz striker or flash saggitario?(both with mode change) I will trade just about any bey. pm me and we can work something out. Thanks!! Smile
are u selling a string launcher? if yes then plz tell me Smile
is the duo uranus still on sale? or has it been sold?
Anyone have a TT omega dragonis, diablo nemesis, TT fang leoan pm me so the trading can commence
guys i have not mentioned any stuff here for sale, even though i sell ..i am a bit busy this year, and i always don't see my thread, just PM me....
Do you sell a draciel ms
do you have anything left
(Jul. 30, 2013  5:15 AM)jojojo110 Wrote: do you have anything left

Pm him Tired
Do you have a Cosmic Pegasus energy ring, and a Death Quetzalcoatl spark effects facebolt, fusion wheel, and spin track
Do you have any of those HMS spare parts left? Pm me!
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