[Selling]  Thinking about selling TT in north jersey

So I’ve been looking for more TT beys for my son and I but haven’t had much luck outside of ordering online. That being said I was thinking about doing a bulk order and selling the extras. Probably random boosters but if things go well maybe stadiums too. Just trying to feel out the market what prices people are willing to pay in person or shipped. Since I am in North Jersey i may even be able to come out to events with items too. If permitted of course. what is everyone looking for? So let me know!
Hello I also reside in North Jersey. I do know a store that sells TT beys, but are slightly over the top. They don't have as much beys as you would want but it's a nice alternative to grab a quick Gashapon layer or somewhat. The place is called Mitsuwa (specifically Little Japan). Hope it helps!