[Selling]  Selling several used HMS + [NIB] Wolborg MS! (Takara)

Hey everyone, sorry for any problems regarding the photos! I wasn't aware that they had to be accompanied by a username, my fault.

Anywho, I've still got the Wolborg MS up on ebay (starting bid $40, buy-it-now of $70) and plenty of used HMS blades to sell. I figured it would just be a better idea to revamp this entire post as opposed to making a new thread so, here goes!

Here's the NIB Wolborg MS:
[Image: IMAG0715.jpg]

And here's the link:

This is a rough approximation of all the used HMS blades I have for sale. Sorry I don't have a compiled list at the moment, I'm just preoccupied with other things. I'll definitely try to name exactly what I have when I've the time for it. I have a lot of assorted parts, ARs, RCs and the like, though I still need to go through everything and detail what I have. Just feel free to ask if there's anything you need.

[Image: IMAG0720.jpg]

Hope this turns out well! Stay posted, I'll be listing more in the near future!
btw, feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any questions! I might even have the HMS piece you're looking for!
Hey everyone, just wanted to apologize for not getting back to all the PMs right away, finishing up finals right now so replies may not be immediate. I'll try to get back to everyone sometime this weekend.
Pm sending
Were u stay i wanna buy sumthinh
Yes, if you have what I want.
a who is selling ?
cant get u at all
no replies on my pm even after u said u will do so
He said he'll get back to it sometime this weekend, since he has finals.

It doesn't look like a scam since he has his name with photos of everything and an eBay auction going on, so...
PM sent, please reply when you have time. Thanks.
Hey everyone, sorry I still haven't had the time to get back to you all. On top of finishing the semester, I'm also dealing with transfer stuff. Hopefully I'll be all cleared up soon. I really appreciate your patience.

I've noticed a lot of people requesting the entire lot. I just want to make it clear that I do not intend on selling the entire lot featured in the photo, but I am certainly open to selling individual pieces (both complete and incomplete parts). I'm still in the process of finding my entire collection, and I don't want to mislead anyone in saying something like I have a full Samurai Changer when I may not anymore. I will try to have a completed list soon, just bear with me.

On a related note, the Wolborg MS I listed on eBay has sold. I'm still awaiting payment but, once that clears I will definitely list more NIB. Thanks!
I'm the purchaser of that Wolborg MS, haha.
I'll be paying tomorrow, I just need my parents to work out some kinks with guest Paypal where they aren't accepting their credit card.

It's worked in the past, so hopefully we'll be able to buy it tomorrow.
I know that this guy has life to deal with, but I'm just checking to make sure that he remembers my order.
Shipping would only take 4-5 days max, and he definitely checked online after I purchased despite not being on since then.

I would like to believe that he's a reliable seller, so please prove me right and send my package. I haven't even received a notice of shipment from eBay for this...

Just notifying others who have been eyeing the HMS motherload this guy has.
Guess I spoke too soon!

Sorry for doubting you, the package arrived in perfect condition just now. Loving the new Wolborg MS, thanks!

EDIT: Sorry for the triple post as well, haha.
This guy hasn't loggen on since December, don't necro bump.
Yeah he's been gone for a while.
Hey everyone, my apologies for not updating this in like half a year lol. Just been really busy with life and junk. Finally received my national EMS certification and am about to start work for a private ambulance company, then enroll in paramedic school as soon as I qualify. Blah blah blah, anywho point is I'm "back", for whatever it's worth. I'll be sorting through my parts and build a full list when I can get around to it. Until then, I do have a few more NIB Wolborg MS' to sell, so I'll be tossing those up on eBay again.

Also, sorry to the plethora of people who PM'd me and I never got back to, totally my fault x_x
but tbh, I would suggest holding off on PMs until I've comprised a full list of parts. That way, you're asking for things I actually have instead of just blindly inquiring about parts.

Edit: Wolborg eBay link:

That used HMS lot... very good stuff! By any chance... is there a Dragoon MS UV?

(Jun. 05, 2013  1:32 PM)Shining God MS Wrote: That used HMS lot... very good stuff! By any chance... is there a Dragoon MS UV?

Yup der is one proto grey DG MSUV
O.O Must get for the Grip Flat Core!!!
(Jun. 05, 2013  1:32 PM)Shining God MS Wrote: That used HMS lot... very good stuff! By any chance... is there a Dragoon MS UV?


Yes indeed, I believe I have a couple actually
Do you still have some stuff from that HMS lot? If so, I'd like to get some things then.
Interested in the HMS Customize Grip...