[Selling]  Selling my collection

Got the rest of the stuff left to sell i want £40 posted through paypal gift as i don't want to pay paypal charges. Pwalker did it through gift with no issues. [Image: IMG_0021.jpg]

launchers including a hms customised grip launcher which works with mfb and is far superior to any launcher so far, string launcher,4d grips and launchers, original packaging

storm pagasis hasbro with takara rf
galaxy pagasis takara special bolt which comes with stadium set
samurai pagasis takara
rock giraffe takara
variares takara
how much for samurai pegasis?
How much for MFB beys and at a resonable price.
PS:what country do you live in if you in a different country to me will I need to pay for shipping.
I'm based in the uk so if your not you will have to cover postage. As for cyber dragoon make me an offer in a pm but make sure it's in British pounds as i keep getting offered amounts in dollars.
Pm sent.
Bump. Could anyone offering make the offers in British pounds please as i'm in England.
How much for the takara tomy stadium?
Like £20-£25 which does not include postage.
ok I just received my driger V2 from allen-owen and it was packaged nicely and delivery was smooth, I had no problems what so ever Smile so thanks allen
i'll buy all the takara tomy ones
i am buying dranzer MS the price please Smile
how much are MFB spoiler package all together
and how much just for samurai Pegasus and variares
Ok i want like £15 posted for Dranzer ms which includes postage if your in the uk but international shipping will have to be covered by you

All MFB blades like £35 or nearest offer

Takara tomy includes Dragoon ms, Blue DEM's and Dragoon msuv so i'd want something decent, as i want £60 for msuv alone.
That's not a fair price for the MFB. Especially since you can get them for much cheaper than 45 Euros. I would put it down to at least 35 Euros
That's why i put ono but it probably is a tad high. I'm in the uk so i put a pound sign not the euro one.
Yeah. I would say it's better at 35 pounds at least.
changed now but included the ONO. It's just tricky getting individual prices as i wanted to just sell the lot off and be done with it lol.
Bump. I need this lot gone now so i'll take £200 and shipping fees/postage for absolutely everything. That works out at about £5 a blade alone and thats not including the stadiums and launchers which you get aswell.