[Selling]  Selling Legend Beyblade Set, HMS, MFB, Plastics & more

(Jan. 03, 2015  10:26 AM)Eminem* Wrote: Great seller! Fast shipping, willing to reason on prices, communicates very quickly. 10/10 seller.

Sorry for just now getting around to post this. Tongue_out

Cool thanks Smile
(Oct. 04, 2012  7:02 PM)ashton pinto Wrote: Its mentioned 300rs..

PM sent ! i want black dranzer
(Jan. 08, 2015  12:42 AM)ahmadmunir Wrote:
(Oct. 04, 2012  7:02 PM)ashton pinto Wrote: Its mentioned 300rs..

PM sent ! i want black dranzer

You quoted a 3 year old message.

Bump! more stuff added. Check the OP

EDIT : @ahmadmuir about black dranzer stuff
Please stop PMing me. If i find another stern message i will block you and report you for harassment Smile here and in the real world

sold/traded 2 x dranzer G + 1 dragoon G in the past month to shivam (non WBO member) and @[Blue_Organ]
So I tried pming you,but the pm system keeps having an error.(I hope this post doesnt get me a warning). Im mainly interested in any Dragoon, Dranzer, Driger, and Draciel beys you may have available. Until the pming bug is fixed I think I can only send emails.

(pm system is now working) I replied to your pm
Traded 4 x silver dragoon Vs, 1 Dragoon GT, Dragoon V2 (white + red version), black dranzer F, Uriel
Bump !


beat lynx, pirates orojya, pirates killerkein, guardian revizer, hell crown, divine chimera, rubber grip, launcher extender and a ton of spare parts to @[Sumedh tategami]
Sold used
orthus G, Appolon, Draciel G bluish/darkgreen, Dragoon G metallic blue, Dranzer G metallic orange
Dark Effigy G, Dragoon GT & Rapid eagle G to @[Balance Blader]
sold cyberdragoon to @[DragoonGT95]


EDIT: Im giving a 50% discount on all beys, valid for one day
PM me soon Smile

EDIT 2 : looks like the 50% off took a good turn
sold 2 x Left spin plastic gen launchers to @[TigerChopsticks]
Traded 2 x cyber dragoons + dragoon V + L drago destroy with @[athreya50]
Sold dark effigy to @[Spam1859]
Sold white plastic Right spin launcher to @[Serisu]
Sold cyber dragoon to @[DragoonGT95]
Yo, I sent you a pm about the right spin launchers