[Selling]  [SELLING]Selling a few beyblades

I decided to sell some beyblades, for MFB.


Driger V2 Sold
Dranzer V2 (Broken AR) sold
Draciel V2 (No sub parts)
Dragoon GT
Dragoon V Sold
Master Dranzer(Broken AR)
Wolborg 1

Dragoon MS (missing a few stickers) Sold
Driger MS
Gaia Dragoon MS

Rock Leone
Storm Capricorne
Dark Wolf

Thanks for looking!
(Will post pictures)
Very interested in Dragoon V, well depending on the condition of the tip.
can you post some pictures please
Although you already have selling in the title, you still need a proper prefix.
Are you still selling the Dragoon GT?
will you trade dragoon GT for some complete MFB beyblades?
are you still selling dragoon gt and draciel v2?
i have lots of mint bey wat ever you want name it and i will trade you for dragoon gt and a worlborg 1
but one question does your beyblade still look kinda mint