Hello Guys, 
i'm selling some MFB beyblades as well as a few burst. 

Payment method:
Paypal only
(no other payment method accepted)

What i am selling:


Death Quetzalcoatl (Hasbro legends)
Phantom Orion (SOLD)
Divine Chimera (TT)
Beat Lynx AD145WD (Hasbro)
Galaxy Pegasis (Hasbro)
Vulcan Horuseus (Hasbro)
Rock Zurafa (TT)
Burn Wolf (Hasbro)
Rock Elscopio (TT)
Divine Crown (TT)
Burn Pheonix (Hasbro)
Forbidden Ionis 145D (TT)
Firefuse Darkhelm (Hasbro)
PHW Libra (TT)
Duo Ice Titan (Hasbro)
Grand Ketos White Ver. (TT)
Crash Escolpio (TT)
Hell Horuseus (TT)
Big Band Pegasis (TT)
Fury Capricorn (Hasbro)
Vulcan Herculeo (TT)
Hell Hurculeo (TT)
Thermal Pisces (Hasbro)

Gold Legendary Fang Leone
Gold Legendary L-Drago Destroy (SOLD)


Obelisk Odin .T.X
Kerbeus Wing Fusion
Valkyrie wing Accel
Spriggan Heavy Defence

Valkyrie layer (White Ver.)

//All my burst products are TT//


Black String launcher MFB (SOLD)
Yellow String Launcher BURST (SOLD)
Launcher rubber red/blue BURST
Launcher rubber black MFB

Pictures of all the beys/accessories:


Prices for all these will vary so Private message me your offers and we can work something out, do bare in mind i will be charging a little fee for shipping!:D
All my products are 100% authentic!!!!
Interested in some mfb items. Pm me?
(May. 23, 2018  7:27 PM)King Loofa Wrote: Interested in some mfb items. Pm me?

i really want to get that red grip rubber
(May. 28, 2018  4:02 PM)Dark Xeno Wrote: i really want to get that red grip rubber

i'll message you an offer
Great seller!
Willing to negotiate prices and waited patiently for a few days for my help to top up the paypal account!