[Selling]  Primal's Official Selling Thread!

Hey everyone, welcome to Kaiba's! Here, we have a (not so) wide variety of Beyblades, parts, and launchers!

All kidding aside, this is my selling thread! If you wish to purchase something from here, PM me your offers. Unless your offer is insanely low or someone is willing to spend more on the item, you've pretty much won. Smile

All items are Hasbro, besides the launcher! Do not ask what brand they are.

If there's a bey that has a specific part you want, you can buy it separately! No need to spend more money on parts you don't want. Smile

Now, here is what I'm selling:

And an image:
[Image: 54jhuq.jpg]

I look forward to doing business with you! Smile
Even the launchers are hasbro aye?

Can I see a picture of the bottoms of the beys please?
(Oct. 05, 2011  2:25 AM)RustyXD Wrote: Even the launchers are hasbro aye?

Can I see a picture of the bottoms of the beys please?

Oh, pfft. Missed that, thanks for pointing that out. Tongue_out

I'll try to get a picture of their bottoms later today.
Bump. Added bottoms of the beys at Rusty's request, as well as a close up of RF and WD.
Aquario has been sold! Do not PM me with offers for Aquario!
how much for the orange one
(Oct. 18, 2011  3:06 AM)chanman12 Wrote: how much for the orange one

There are two orange ones. Speechless

Also, you need to PM me with how much you're willing to pay.
I think he means the Rock Pegasis, by looking straight at the first picture in the OP.
An Earth Metal Wheel is now up for sale! OP updated with it.
Person 1: Hey, guess what?
Person 2: What?
Person 1: Bump!
I think you should stop bumping for a while (a week or so ?) as it is quite clear not many people are interested.

They will probably PM you if they are interested.
Hey you should check my thread! You have some of the parts I am interested in getting
Thanks, I'll look into that! Grin
Both of the LL2s are off the market!
All purchases have been shipped! Expect them soon!