[Selling]  Plastic & HMS [Dranzer set]

                 Hi guys! I am now selling Dranzer (Takara) Blades

I ship from the India to Worldwide, Shipped Via Registered Parcel With Tracking Number.

PM me with reasonable offers, thank you! Willing to sell individually...

Payment & Shipment 

Here is the list of Beyblades I have:
  • Dranzer S - (A-2) (Reprinted Sticker)
  • Dranzer F - (A-27) 
  • Dranzer V - (A-56) 
  • Dranzer v2 - (A-81) (Reprinted Sticker)
  • Dranzer G - (A-99)
  • Dranzer GT - (A-117) (Reprinted Sticker)
  • Dranzer MS - (A-131) (Reprinted Sticker)

  • Dranzer Ms beyblade is Takara, but case is sonokong.


  • You can save money by taking all, its 400$ include shipping...

                                                                                                   Thank You.........