[Selling]  Momo's Shop! NIB Vulcan Horuseus 145D! Last one!

what are lowballers???
(P.S. srry if this is considered spam)
Lowballers = People who offer very low amounts of money which do not equal to the value of the Beyblade.
ooooooooo thanks blah!! =)
(question though) PM me for the question
Would it be possible if i can buy the Beypointer with out the grip? If i could how much would it be?
Sorry, but I'm selling those items as a set, and not separately.

I've added an NIB Galaxy Pegasis, Meteo L-Drago, and Gravity Perseus on the OP. PM me for offers as always~!

Also, I will no longer be completely covering shipping outside of the US and Canada. PM if you live outside of North America, but still interested in anything.
sorry if this was already discussed but how long would it take for somthing to get to minnesota from where you are shipping from???
Update~!! I'm selling two NIB LLD's for $15.00 now, and Vulcan Horuseus is now for sale~!!
Back with another update!! I'll be selling individual parts from my BB-97 and BB-98 Sets (sorry Dan and Kai-V, I really wanted to do some testing, but I can't afford to keep these right now).

The Gravity Wheels have never been used, and the Perseus Wheels as well. Also, do not ask for Metal Faces; they will not be for sale.
Wow, someone in Canada selling Vulcan Horuseus. I really need to get myself a PayPal account.
Also, I've changed my mind about one thing: I'm keeping LRF so I can continue to do tests for and with Dan, and for the WBO. Please note the cards that I'm looking for in the OP as I need them. Also, please look at the Discuss Your Yu-Gi-Oh! Decks Thread at the specific page I have linked here. Roan has beautifully illustrated the cards that I require in Post #1252.

Again, thank you very much, everyone!

Edit: Added another Vulcan Horuseus to the list. That one was my last spare, but I need the dough. =(
2 things

1.how much would one vulcan horseus be
2.will you be online friday night cause i will be able to buy that stuff you have on hold for me
(Jan. 05, 2011  7:53 PM)rabidboy Wrote: 2 things

1.how much would one vulcan horseus be
2.will you be online friday night cause i will be able to buy that stuff you have on hold for me

it clearly says pm him an offer...
I'll be online, don't worry. But, tman14 is correct. PM me an offer.
Are any of your Horuseus in Mint Condition, if so I'll ask my parents if I can get whichever one is in a better condition.
They're both NIB, and one is in the process of being dealt. PM me further if you require more information.
PM Sent regarding Vulcan Horuseus.
I have revamped the OP; I realize that I've let people go with extremely good deals recently, and it's causing a huge dent in my wallet. Finally realizing the worth of items, I have given an outline as to how much I want for each item. Prices are somewhat negotiable, depending on what you have for trade.

Edit: I have withdrawn my offer for selling pieces from my URS Sets until further notice. I must resume testing on what I have committed to do.

Edit 2: I've added postage costs; paying for postage has taken a huge chunk out of my wallet, so I can no longer cover shipping.
I think it's about time I give this Thread a bump. It's not mentioned in the OP, but I'm selling my last Vulcan Horuseus (NIB) for $30.00.