[Selling]  Hasbro beys for trade or retail.

Hello everyone. I'm still pretty new on the site, but I've noticed there are a ton of non NA people in the community and I think that I might be able to provide a small service if it's wanted. 

I'm mostly looking to trade your takara tomy brand beys and more specifically drivers for my hasbro brand unopened beys. 

I can currently get all of wave 3 and some other hasbro switchstrike beys, so that would be:

Garuda G3
Legend spryzen S3
Fafnir F3 dark green version 
Jinnus J3
Xcalius X3

And sometimes I see Cognite C3 and Doomscizor D3

Many V2 and normal beys like:

Doomscizor D2 with green orbit driver dual pack
Roctavor R2
Kerbeus single pack
Ifritor R2
Spryzen S2

Many of the light up ones, the dual pack stadium that comes with valtryek V3 and satomb S3, gold masters kit, and if shipping allows blue standard stadium, red chaos core stadium, and gimmicky handle on each side stadium. 

Please message me if you have any questions. 

I ship out of the US.

Everything I sell or trade will be at retail price plus cost for shipping. If we are doing trades as I prefer I'll require a tracking number. 

That's it and hope to hear from everyone soon, thanks.
I was looking for 2 items.....

Xcalius X3 starter set with Sword lancher and Wyvron W3. Do you think you could get those?
If I see them I'll let you know but don't count on it. I haven't seen a sword launcher ever and a W3 one time.