[Selling]  Enzoxs' Beyshop thingy. NIP Phantom Orion B: D and some other 4D!

I only accept offers through PayPal Smile PM me offers.


Dark Wolf DF145FS (Used)
Killer Gemios DF145FS (Used)
Thermal Pisces T125ES (Hardly Used)
Hyper Aquario 105F (Used)
Night Virgo DF145BS (Used)
Midnight Bull 125SF (Used) (Bull CW is Black)
Thunder Libra DF145BS (Used)
Cyber Pegasis 105F (Used)
Burn Pheonix 135MS (Used)


Wing Pegasis 90WF (Used)
Big Bang Pegasis F: D
NIP Phantom Orion B: DTAKARA

CoroCoro Exclusive Black L-Drago Assault CW


Mobile Beycarrier/ Stadium (Used)
Max Stampede Stadium (Never Used)

If you would like to see close-up pics of an item in particular, please PM me.
BUMP! Buy Big Bang Pegasis and L-Drago Destroy now and get them for both together for 15 GBP!!!

Or buy my two Zero-G beys for 10 GBP!

PM Me!
(Aug. 30, 2012  7:08 PM)Galaxy Kerbex Wrote: Thats a Hefty price

For what?
(Aug. 30, 2012  7:08 PM)Galaxy Kerbex Wrote: Thats a Hefty price

Actually, it's not a bad price for what you get. Besides, you shouldn't really criticise; the seller can specify any price they desire.
Bump. I have a few offers for Big Bang Pegasis and the Zero-G, so if you're interested, PM me quickly. Remember nothing is considered sold until payment is received.
Bump! Now selling B: D! PM me!
I have replied to the PM you sent me about the B:D. :)

L-Drago Destroy, Both Zero-G, the Plastic combo, and NIP Scythe Kronos have been sold!

NIP Phantom Orion B: D Added!!!!
sorry about the PM didnt read full thread