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Country: Registration Date: Jul. 27, 2012 Birthday: Jul. 07, 1991 (29 years old)

My name is Rusel, pronounced exactly like "Russell" just spelled differently. I'm currently 21 year's of age. I do live in Carrollton Georgia. I love Tattoo's and Piercing's. I'm actually a Professional Body Modifier, guess I just love putting needle's through people and causing them pain, Lol. I currently have 6 Tatt's "2 on left arm, right arm Half Sleeve" and 3 Piercing's "Right Nostril and Snake Bite's". I mainly collect Bey's, the bey's I like the most and think are the "coolest", I like to make fun combo's and battle with myself, and I enjoy experimenting with Top Tier combo's as well. Yep.

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