[Selling]  [CLOSED] Giving away a Dragoon G Blue Recolor for a Dragoon V2

Hello friends! Janstarblast here. I am a Dragoon V2 maniac, and would love to own it. If any of you can provide me with one, I'll be extremely happy!
Having no access to PayPal and the like, I am forced to trade. So, what are you gonna get in exchange, you ask?
Its a Dragoon G Blue Recolor in a very Good Condition! A few stickers from the BB are missing, otherwise, its in good condition. Smile Here are the pictures-

OK, how should be the Dragoon V2 be like?
One in almost new condition is what I desire! So please give me a good one!

The few stickers that are missing from the base can be easily acquired! A normal Dragoon G costs really cheap, and hence its extremely easy to get stickers! Also, the Sticker Sheets thread on WBO offers a wide range of stickers too!
But this bey, is quite rare according to the few plastic collectors I have consulted! So, you'll get a rarer version of an extremely common bey, which is advantageous, should you feel the need to replace/attach stickers.

Also, as trading is a risky affair, I will have certain restrictions. I may not trade with you if you are a newer member, or I do not know you very well. Smile

The link to the pictures do not work.
Upload it on Tiny Pic it's free and you don't have to register.
Well, they worked for me, though...
Still, fixed!

OK, lets speak in Bey Marketplace language-

OP updated with pics!
Sorry for double post-

I got what I wanted, thank you guys! Grin