[Selling]  Blitz' Selling Thread!

I've decided to sell most of my collection! Even though I'll always love the game I just don't have the time or money to invest in this hobby anymore so my collection is just collecting dust and I think it's time to part with it!

  • I live in the UK and will ship worldwide!
  • I only accept payment via Paypal!
  • Send me offers via PM!
  • I'm not going to reserve anything.
  • I work shifts so will send out items ASAP!
  • I have a huge collection of Beyblades mostly MFB but also Plastics and Burst too if you don't see something in the pictures then don't be afraid to ask!
  • I will take close up photos of anything your interested in and can tell you the condition of any of the Beyblades!
  • Most Beyblades haven't had stickers applied so will come with sticker sheets will let you know otherwise.
  • Also have Pokémon Cards for sale!

[Image: IMG_0530_zpskztamdwe.jpg]

Metal Fight Beyblade
[Image: IMG_0535_zpsggceegbn.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0537_zps7cqzxepi.jpg]

NIB MFB Mainly Hasbro (Singles £5, double packs £10 and Dark Knight Dragooon £10)

Burst (Will sell all in picture for £150, not including P&P)
[Image: IMG_0538_zpstm0mwn3x.jpg]

TheMrblade2000 Retired
Pmed on the drigers and wolborg
BeybladeStation Retired
PM is being sent on Jade Jupiter, please reserve for me for now..
pm sent for dragoonv and drgoon f
lol someone reserved Wing Attacker. You willing to trade?
I wasn't really looking to trade as I'd prefer money haha.

But I am looking for a few bits in my buying thread.
Master Dranzer, Trypio, Draciel S (Phantom force ver), Wolborg 1 (Phantom Force Ver), Metal Draciel, Master Dragoon, Wing Attacker and Kid Dragoon (Metal Masters Ver) have now been sold!
Reserve the Driger V for me, please.
I've updated the OP, sadly going to be selling most of my Plastics.
Does this mean no more plastic tourneys? Lol you're turning into a real nerd haha.
I want another Ariel! Me wants a third one.

Hahah, the little bars where the bit chip is snapped. Tongue_out
Added some photo's of everything I'm selling now.
(I'll write a list soon)
So I've put most of my stuff on eBay now (put links in the OP), still got a few things I'm yet to put up until my eBay sellers allowance goes up. (So either snap it up now or wait till it's on eBay haha)
Everything is arrived. Perfect seller Smile
The OP of this thread has been updated! Unfortunately it's time to part with my collection now!
Wow your Metal Fight Beyblade collection is almost priceless. Even I hesitate to buy some of your Beyblades now.
(Oct. 05, 2016  1:43 PM)Zeus23 Wrote: PM sentSmile

For some reason I didn't get your PM.

(Oct. 05, 2016  2:11 PM)Kai-V Wrote: Wow your Metal Fight Beyblade collection is almost priceless. Even I hesitate to buy some of your Beyblades now.

This is just the 'rare'/recoloured stuff I still have all the normal releases and spare parts to get round to selling too!
Just bumping this still got everything for sale at the moment.
Selling the NIB Hasbro Metal Fights Beyblades for £5 each, Double Packs £10 each or the whole lot for £120! (Not including P&P)
I sent you a couple of pms, I don´t know if you are busy or they just didn't go through.
Sorry for the trouble