[Selling]  Beyblade Sale! Thread will ends on March 31 2019. UPDATE 3-26-19.

howdo u pay to buy this stuff? cash or credit?
oh thanks anyways do you have a hopper attack/einsteinn ms green version?
@DarkBull2296 please check the first post I'm only selling plastics for now in order to buy a BB-32 Wheel Match Set from eBay. But once my collection gets a bit too big then I might sell or trade a few of them.
oh, ok, how silly of me sorry
@DarkBull2296 it's alright but if you know folks that want to buy the beys I'm selling please do let them know cause I really want to buy a good stadium instead of using my graffiti den beystadium.
i know pm zankye on youtube and he might make a video about ur beys
@DarkBull2296 thanks I'll do that. Also the beys I'm selling are first come per served bases cause of the low price so next time I'll give out a preview of what I'm selling so everyone can have a chance on buying what I have ok. Smile
Bump. Dragoon GT for Trade! Photos will be uploaded later so please DO NOT send me PMs until photos are uploaded folks.
BUMP. Dragoon GT is now posted with photos also Dragoon GT sticker sheet will be posted later folks.
Updated beys to sell with price value drop down also buy all the beyblade packages with lot of weight disk, along with a few extra parts I'm selling for $60.00 with $5.55 shipping and handling worldwide! Shipping and handling is free to users that already bought from me or to those that helped me buy the beys in my buying thread. Smile

If need of photos of the whole lot of packages, weight disks, and few extras I'm selling I will upload them later. Please check the first post folks.

PS: The beyblade lot will end up on my eBay for auction if it's not claimed.
Beyblade packages have been placed into my eBay items for sale so please check the first post for the link folks, also the trade for Dragoon GT for a Black Dranzer has now been limited time until August the 6th of 2012.
Trading 1 Dragoon GT engine gear for 1 Dranzer GT engine gear which is a fair trade, and the Dragoon GT engine gear is in great working condition, so the engine gear for Dranzer GT must be in great working condition as well to make it an equal trade.
Buy It Now price for the Beyblade package I've placed together for good price of $52.25 Hurry and Buy before it's gone.
BUMP. 1 Beytarget Grip Shooter up for offer. Driger package 2 Black Driger Gatling, 1 Driger F, and 1 Driger G.
Bump. Updated August 24, 2012 with Black Driger G (Hasbro) and NIB Driger G (Takara) with free shipping worldwide!