[Selling]  BeyFan's Selling Thread (Plastics, HMS, MFB) - Updated 15/6/19

I'll find out the shipping price for it, gotta ask Oki.

Just added these onto eBay:
NIB Dragoon V2 Silver Version:
Already Sold!

NIB Cyber Dragoon:
Added these onto eBay:
NIB Draciel F Black Version (TAKARA):

NIB Draciel F Crystal Version & Wyborg Black Version (TAKARA):


NIB Phantom Fox Red Version (TAKARA):

Has been sold!

NIP Draciel V (TAKARA):

Has been sold!

NIP Dranzer F (TAKARA):

Has been sold!

NIP Dranzer F Red Version (TAKARA):

Has been sold!

NIB Dragoon V (TAKARA):

Has been sold!

Bey Lot with Launchers and Ripcords
Bidding is at $20.50AUD (TAKARA):

EDIT: Don't Worry. Had an idea.

BTW, guise, it ain't for sale any more, I remembered I've got a birthday coming up Wink
Yeah, $25 is a nice price for a birthday present for me, considering cyber dragoon is the one bey I have loved ever since I first set eyes on it, it will do nicely Smile
Lol, okay then. I was shocked to see that it was already gone. Thought that it might've been a glitch or something XD
When will you restock beyblades? (:
He only sells his excess beys so when he gets another lot from YJA I expect.
Have added new items onto eBay, links in the OP.

EDIT - I'm willing to send items through regular mail, as it is cheaper, to trustworthy WBO members upon request. This is for all eBay items for sale.
Yeah, I know....I just want to get rid of them! I'd give the cheaper shipping...but I think it might just be like $10-15 cheaper, lol. If they don't sell, I'm just gonna bin em...got no use for them...and don't have any room for them. Won't be paying for the shipping from my own pocket, as I'm not feeling generous.

Just want to be rid of them...either the bin or someone within Australia buys them XD

I'm willing to just send them off to someone if they pay just the shipping fee. I want them gone!
Do you sell mfb beyblades?
he generally sells stuff he doesnt want from auctions usually from YJA so it all depends
if it doesnt sell would you be willing to sell the beypoint card by it self?
I'll think about it. Surprisingly, there seems to be quite a bit of interest for the auction right now...

(Sep. 03, 2011  10:05 AM)BlackOutCannon Wrote: Do you sell mfb beyblades?
Sometimes, when after some plastics and HMS beys, I get stuck with having to go for ones that are put together with beys that I don't want for myself. So, I get stuck with excess beys. I don't buy excess MFBs, as I'm able to get the exact amount of MFBs I want...since they are currently in production, unlike plastics and HMS.
Put up a NIB Trygator, NIB Metallic Black Draciel S, and NIB Red Gaia Dragoon for sale. Head to my eBay store, or check out the OP for the direct links.
My three eBay auctions will be ending between 18-29 hours from now. Links are in the OP and my sig.
If any one buys the lot is anyone willing to sell me the dragoon msuv LOL
do you have the plastic generation Poseiden?
He's been inactive for a while due to personal reasons...
I'll answer for you; he sells his excess beys, stuff that he already has that he doesn't want XD