[Selling]  ☆ 【 SELLING 】 ☆ RARE Plastic & HMS beys - " NIB - ZEUS" and also " Zero G beys

reply to my pm
Please reply to my PM Joyful_3
Just got my package from Okiswan. This guy is awesome. Thinking of ordering again. Thank you for being awesome. 10/10 A++ seller. IF you dont order from him then your not cool.
Ok so I still can buy them?
My package arrived with 2 NIB Gigars and 1 used Dranzer G with winder tool all branded by Takara! Thank you so much Oki! Grin
just added some NEW in Box Plastic Beyblade
see the 1st Post for the pics ad see if they still available

42 ・ Catapult Grip - 1,000 yen

A-2 Dranzer S - 800 yen

A-9 Galzzly - 800 yen

A-10 Galman - 600 yen

A-19 Dragoon Shooter DX - 1,000 yen

A-24 Driger F - 1,000 yen 2 availables

A-25 Dragoon F - 1,800 yen 2 availables

A-27 Dranzer F - 1,000 yen 3 availables

A-28 Griffolyon - 900 yen

A-29 Dranzer Shooter DX - 1,000 yen

A-33 Master Draciel - 700 yen 2 availables

A-34 Salamalyon - 900 yen 2 availables

A-35 Draciel F - 900 yen 2 availables

A-36 Wyborg - 700 yen

A-39 Wolborg 2 - 2,000 yen 2 availables

A-40 Seaborg 2 - 700 yen 3 availables

A-42 Metal Dranzer - 800 yen

A-75 Driger V2 - 1,900 yen

IF the Zues includes a launcher and ripcord I may like to reserve one.
Yaseen the NIB Zeus is a booster, it doesn't come with a EZ right spin launcher or ripcord, unless you request for them then he will include it ok.
My second order made it safe and sound. More then excited to get it.
Thank you so much for offering such an amazing service.
My order came in excellent shape yesterday!
Oki is a top rate seller, people, BUY FROM HIM Grin
Got my package Grin very happy once again oki is a great seller Grin
okinawan, do you have dragoon gt? i really want.
(Jul. 30, 2012  6:26 PM)andersonmh Wrote: okinawan, do you have dragoon gt? i really want.

I will soon get a Dragoon GT, but I dont know the exact condition of the bey
(Mint, used , junk) so I cant say right now how much my selling price would be

also, I should get some Dragoon GT customize sticker

so if the sticker from the one I will get, are really bad , it can be renew with those customize sticker

andersonmh if you want a Dragoon GT I have one for Trade for Black Dranzer or Dranzer GT. Smile

OkinawamTS I'm planning to sell my WWE, PSP, and DVD stuff on eBay in hopes to reach over $500.00 hopefully in order to buy the reserved beys for me Oki, cause I had no choice but to waste most of it on rent, phone bills, and other personal things. Unhappy

Also the drawings I made are coming along very nicely it's now base on your profile avatar, WBO, your name, and one extra in graffiti style but in japanese which looks sweet just like the beyblade logo you see for the stadium fences. Smile
always check the 1st page for the pics, and see if the beys are not already sold

Black Dranzer F Limited Edition (with Limited Green Weight Disk) - 4,500 yen

more to come

Oki your getting me depress right now cause I would love to own Black Dranzer for my collection and keep it mint for display. Please read me PM to you and if necessary I'll have to ask my dad to help me pay for the Black Dranzer.
some more beys have been added in the used section
but check the 1st page, if nobody has already bought or reserved them

600 yen - used beyblade

500 yen - used beyblade

400 yen - used beyblade

300 yen - used beyblade
just added some mint customize grip , catapult grip for Plastic beys

and a HMS NEO Grip

what about U.S prices?
(Aug. 03, 2012  3:02 AM)legendblader01 Wrote: what about U.S prices?

I am from Japan my currency is YEN not US$

only on request I give and estimate in US$
coz foreigner currency are really too bad recently
they dont stop dropping

and if give an estimate in US$ payment have to be made the same day, and not 1 or 2 weeks later
coz that estimate in US$ will change
or the US$ drops even more or get stronger

hope you can understand what I am trying to tell you

(Aug. 03, 2012  5:57 AM)Dark_Mousy Wrote: Do you have any Wide Survivor weight disc?

I will check