[Selangor,malaysia]anyone here

Hey YO ! One more here! (Actually I'm American because I was born there accidentally because my parents on vacation)
im in puchong
Guys Im from Malaysia too. In Johor. Why dont you guys join my team. The Blader Boyz Federation. It will be really cool.

(May. 14, 2011  2:25 AM)Shahmir9 Wrote: Is there any tournaments in Peninsular Malaysia or Selangor?If no we can make a tournament in a park or somewhere?

Dude, why dont we host a tournament next holiday at March. We can host it at a park like Titiwangsa or anywhere. Just tell me if you are interested.
anyone still around? it seems that i am the 1st one to mention the name Pulau Pinang here..
hi guys, I'm from Hulu Selangor, Malaysia. I'm into the original Beyblade series..I may not a beyblader but I love this anime to death..btw, I'm 23 yrs old.
I just saw this thread but oh well.....YESSS!!! I AM RIGA FROM SELANGOR, MALAYSIA!!! I CHALLENGE THOSE WHO ARE HERE TOO TO AN EPIC BATTLE!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (sorry, random evil moment)
Where can I get beyblade in Malaysia kuala lampur
(Apr. 09, 2010  6:35 AM)tenzeku123 Wrote: anyone in malaysia thats a beyblader i doubt it but still anyone

i am a blader in Malaysia im from seremban,negeri sembilan
Hey guys

Please join FB page Komuniti Gasing Moden. Big group with whatsapp chat 😁

C u there.
(Dec. 17, 2010  10:36 AM)Benjohadi Wrote:
(Dec. 15, 2010  3:40 PM)KyleL-Drago456 Wrote: hey guys im from malaysia too what if we make a team?
i got a lot of good combos

where you're from?i'm from sarawak and beyblade doesnt seem to be popular here...i guess..it would be hard to make up a team...

Howdy...I am from North Borneo