Screw Zeus + War Lion

Hi all,

I've searched through the forum for details about this set up and I haven't managed to find anything about testing records (win/loss percentages detailed) for various match ups. 

As also noted elsewhere by others on the forum, I found there are two ways of putting the two parts together with my own copies; one involves a looser fit between the two where there is partial restricted rotation due to the conflict in shape and the other where the contact points of War Lion go over the "raised" motif just below the eyes of the Screw Zeus "heads" that is a tight fit/"fixed" in place due to friction/shape, and both involve no bending of War Lion/Screw Zeus. I presume the latter would have more use, but has anyone extensively tested both ways of using this pairing, or reported it elsewhere with a breakdown of win/loss percentages? I see it mentioned in passing on the forum but I can't find it, perhaps its my search terms but I would appreciate if someone could point me to the right direction, or if they have the time post their own test results. I would do so if I had spares but my only parts for these are collection pieces, and to boot I don't have a suitable stadium (yet). 

Thank you in advance!
I've considered this but to me it just seems like a very good way to break your War Lion - it's not a durable AR at the best of times. 

More fixed in place is probably better but as war lion doesn't really get in the way either way it's probably minimal - webserver moves less when landing a hit is better, but I can't recommend it both for fragility reasons and the fact there are alternatives that don't have those issues.