[SELLING] RE-STOCK BB-16 bey pointer (CLOSED)

RE-STOCK today, and the NEW SPECIAL PRICE is GBP12.99 includes shipping fee, so please PM me to take order right now, thanks!

the selling price of the other ebay seller is .......... (click it)

i got not much in my hands, don't miss this chance!!!
[Image: beybladeNbb16box.jpg]
I want 1 of this. keep it for me I PM you when I could pay you... so long when we transfert cash on paypal... anyway it will be cool if you can!
thanks! check PM now, ^__^
xStorm Bladerx
how much is GBP8.99 in US dollars
I would like a beypointer
also one question. Is there a different type of beypointer for the launcher grip
mchlbant Retired
highflyeagle : all PM has returned to me, please go to open it, thanks!
do you still have any and if so please email,i might like 2 or3. how much shipping. *_*
Pimpju Retired
it says "(CLOSED !!!)" at the top so this deal is probably over, but if he has any BB-16 left, look for it in his thread that says "Special offer!" and there you will find the price.
RE-STOCK today! and NEW SPECIAL PRICE is GBP7.99 includes shipping fee, so please PM me right now to take order, thanks!
i want one but on ur ebay aacount they ate 5.99 an 8.99 p+p
milkychipz Retired
I beleive thats because he gives a discount to WBO members?
cooleo100 : sorry the price up to GBP12.99 on wbo, and on ebay is GBP18.98, the cost has up and up, i have no choice to mark up the price, sorry!

littlechipz : all the prices show in wbo is the best , no more discount, no more combine shipment, thanks!
can u make it 7.99 including shipping please for a wbo member
Its 7.99 if you buy from him on WBO
ok thanks
no, the up-dated price up to GBP12.99/PC now.
why did u change it?
SOLDOUT ! sorry!