[Richmond,VA]Chaos Rising 3.0 and Chaos Rising Zero-G

Excellent event here yesterday. We had 18 bladers for the 3.0 tournament and ran a block RR with 6 in each block. 3 judges in Pruebame, Primus, and Dark made the event go off without a hitch. Much faster and smoother then before. Prizes were 3 Hyperblades and Store credits of $50. $25, $10 for first through third. The missing $5 was from Dark which I didn't collect as he won either way and decided to save the paper work for OEJ's. One eyed Jacques is now researching how to carry the Hasbro line of Beys. Rob there is very interested in supplying the community.

We followed up the CR3.0 event with a Zero-G tournament in which we had the required 8 bladers. This was my fifth tournament I hosted and it goes smoother and smoother every time. It definately helped having 2 other organizers there yesterday to keep the flow going.

This is my only suggestion. VA has a good amount of younger bladers and with that in mind, I have decided to continue to hold BB-10 events until Hasbro releases the new line in the fall for the general public. This might help keep the playing field a bit closer as the new bladers can't get the Takara Tomy stuff unless their parents are going to spend for them. Which most wont. The idea is to keep the young guys excited, which they are now.

For whatever it's worth, I want to give a shout out to someone that was helping the new and younger bladers out all day.
That was Bazooka. I know he was my son, however, he spent a good amount of time teaching and speaking with the new kids on blading and mentored them on how to build Beys. I had a couple of parents come up to me after the event without knowing he was my son and wanted me to know how well he was working with their children. As you can guess I was pretty proud having him step up this way. Now thats what the Blading community is all about. I am confident that he helped grow this community and will continue to do so in the future.

So to sum up, Dark won both tournaments, nicely done. Props go out to Primus, Dark, and Bazooka, and I look forward to yet another tournament in the near future.
Nuff' said,

Forgot to mention that we had bladers come in from North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Richmond is becoming a big player in the Beyblade community. So who said that Virginia can't support a community Wink. Lot's of hard work always pays off.
Nuff' said
Thank you for the report, these are severely lacking since the opening of the Organizers' Circle ...

So this really was Virginia's biggest tournament to date ?

Hm, are you certain that staying with the Standard Format is really the best option in order to let people with outdated parts slowly adapt with Hasbro's releases ? Yes, Zero-G stadiums have special parts designed just for them like GCF and CF which help Attack a lot, but it seems to me that the metagame in Attack Type BeyStadiums would outclass their parts even more.
Actually, I really had a blast with the Zero_G format and have no problems with only useing it. What I saw at this particular event was only Synchrome Beys being used. Anything else seemed to be severly outclassed. With the older format, and the Hasbro release of Hyperblades, The new players can at least "feel" like they have a fighting chance. To be Honest, I doesn't bother me to go only ZG format. I really had my mind changed about it and loved it.
I would like to hear from all of the other organizers on opinions on the new bladers and the Zero-G format. I know the experienced bladers love it but I was curious on how the new guys were.
What ended up happening at this event was that after the BB-10 tourney, most left except the experienced folks. Most of them stayed for the ZG.

As you can tell, My focus is to build the Beyblade community. Not just run tournaments and we have a real good cornerstone in place. I am a bit aprehensive for the younger Bladers.
Interesting that Noone has any suggestions.
It would make a lot sense since younger kids can't afford Zero-G at the moment so stick with BB-10 for a little longer until the basic 2/3 Zero G comes out. But great job Prue.

However I will try to come down next month.
Does anybody in your community sell TAKARA-TOMY/ZERO-G Beyblades at tournaments? Obviously, the prices have to be more expensive than buying a Hasbro Beyblade, but by having someone sell directly at your tournaments, you're removing barriers for the younger kids who might not be able to order online.
But are you necessarily less 'disadvantaged' with old parts in an Attack Type BeyStadium than in a Zero-G Stadium ? I do not know, it seems like it should be the contrary ...
I think the VA Beach event was the biggest.

This event was fun. Im glad we went. Primus was selling at the event. There was a lot of innovative combos at this event.
Kai-V, I'm not so sure. Like I said, I loved the Zero_G format and completely support going exclusively to it in the near future. It's very hard for a parent to dish out 20-40 bucks for a beyblade and have it sent from somewhere. When Bazooka first started I didn't see why I should and it wasn't until we went to a couple of tournaments that I changed my mind. Now he has pretty much everything.
Perhaps next tournament I ask the bladers to see what they want. That kind of makes sense.

Kei- This event we had Primus selling some stuff but not a complete line. I believe he sold a couple of Random sets and a launcher or 2. But yea, that would make sense as well.
Selling Takara Tomy beys at tournament is a good way to get bladers to use what is out right before Hasbro release.

I understand it can be challenging to the seller for it expense forcing to make profit.

Your selling boosters they originally cost 15 and you make it 20 for 5 extra dollars of profit reason.
Primus Wrote:After reading the thread in the Organizers Circle for the Richmond tournament I have a couple comments. I can not post to the thread so I am sending it via PM.

One eyed Jacques seems set up well for the event as far as the layout of the store. If rob is going to stock competitive parts, Hasbro is good for something's but the Takara as we all know is what the players winning these events are primarily using. I do not believe it is going to be profitable to stock a complete line of beyblade products. If you can vend the latest competitive parts, you will not lose and the local players will become more competitive. The new players and younger really want to win as much as participate.
For this event I had the RB3 as the Genbull has become very desirable among the competitive players. For a random booster, there is good success in pulling a usable part even in some of the common and uncommon packs. $18 is less than what you can buy them online in most places.
I also had the zero g attack dx set. It may seem like an expensive toy for most parents.
I also had the mars red launcher for sale and some zero g starters.
I think it is good to target the current gameplay with the vending and not try to invest too much into questionable uncompetitive parts. Stock for the trend where the game is evolving. As you know, I am kept very much up to speed on that though stormscorpio1 and my observations.
I absolutely enjoyed the Richmond scene! Pru, is an excellent MC/host and the parents and participants all were observed having a good time at the event.
Of the 18 participants, 9 had the potential to contend for the finals, IMO. I also like to see some accommodation to the newer younger participants in efforts to have them not only return but challenge the more experienced players. Even with the competitiveness of the event, there was plenty of sharing of ideas and tips going around.
Sniper, who traveled from NJ commented afterwards that there was a much more intense level of competition at this event than what he is used too.