[Report] Diwali Beyblast 2: Metal Mania (Mumbai, India) [10/11/12]

Most of the organizers already know about what happened in this event. So, this report is just a summary of all the events.

First of all, the event started late. I was caught in traffic near Pawai so I reached 30-35 minutes late. After that, pranzdiv123 and zeneo asked all of us to shift the location to a new one which they had been using during previous tournaments. It took us another 20 minutes to get there, but it was worth the time. This new location had a smoother ground than the previous one and it was in a shady place too. So, we could have our battles without much problems even in the sun.

Since no one was ready to have the first battle, it was upto me and NitroNeo to begin the tournament. It was around 11:00 when the event began. Janstarblast, ashton pinto and christophermk were yet to come because they had some work. Till Janstarblast and the rest arrived, I was forced to judge almost all the battles. I asked pranzdiv123 for help with the judging, but he refused, and jokingly said, "I wont judge unless you give me a DJ Face." I agreed to let him have a DJ face so he judged some battles. Then, I asked pranzdiv123 to note down the results. But, again, he gave a deaf ear, saying that it was the host's responsibility. So, I had to take a break after every battle to write down the results. I also had to record the battles to make a video for Beychannel/ But, recording it while writing results was tough. So, I asked pranzdiv123 and zeneo, who were quite well off with cameras to help with the recording. But, yet again, both of them said that it was my strategy to get a facebooster and that since they wont be getting a facebooster for recording, they wont record anything.

By then, Janstarblast had arrived along with ashton pinto and christophermk. Finally, there was someone to help with the judging at least. But, that was where the problems started too. Most of the participants were not ready to come to the stadium when their match was announced. sharven12 was busy on some phone call for most of the time so he only came when his call ended. ashton and christophermk shared the same launcher and combos so one couldn't proceed with his match while the other was having his. adityamatha123, who brought along two of his friends was busy having battles with them in the BB-10 and almost completely ignored the Zero-G event. And zeneo and pranzdiv123 were busy cracking jokes on some participants as well as members of the community. Their first victim was ashton. They teased him for quite a while calling him a "Nepali Commando". Then, they also made fun of sharven 12 for being on the phone for too long. They didn't even spare Janstrblast or NitroNeo who were doing their work without disturbing others. After that, they cracked jokes on gameboysuperman, saying that he did not attend the event because he was busy with Insomniac. When all the participants had been made fun of, they moved on to make fun of the community. They called names to Kai-V, Kei and Arupaeo. Finally, I had to put an end to it by saying that I'll record all their jokes in the footage too. Things went smoothly for a while but we were quite a lot behind schedule as the Zero-G event which should have concluded in 1.5 hours(because we had 2 Zero-G stadia) took 2.5 hours. It was almost 1:30 p.m. when the finals of Zero-G event ended.

After that, we began with the MFB event. Considering the fact that we had 3 stadia, I thought we would be able to wind it up by 3 and complete HMS by 4:30. However, once again, there was a lot of delay. This time, it was because of Beylaunchers and parts. Most participants were not ready to play without a Beylauncher and refused to start a battle without getting the launcher of their choice from their friend. adityamatha123 had brought with him some fake parts so he had to be explained why fake parts were not allowed and since he didn't want to use his only legal Basalt combo(which he used in Zero-G) in BB-10, he had to be given my Death. Meanwhile, pranzdiv123 and zeneo were completely ignoring the order of the battles and took the liberty of choosing their opponents themselves. Due to this, their actual opponents had to wait for quite long and often the 3rd stadium was rendered useless. Hence, I decided to let all those who are free have their battles and write down the chronological order of their battle in the book where I wrote the results. But, that invited even more trouble. Most participants started pestering me to tell them who they were to face next because they had forgotten whom they had faced and whom they had not. So, I had to take a look in the results book after every 5 minutes or so. Seeing me busy, pranzdiv123 went to the place where my suitcase was kept and took away my BD145, MF-H and RDF without asking. I only realized that he took it when I got to judge his battle. Moreover, he had stuck the MF-H on Duo BD145 in such a way that it failed to come out. To remove that out of his Duo, I gave the combo to one of adityamatha123's friend who was doing nothing and asked him to unscrew it. pranzdiv123 also failed to use RDF properly and got some pebbles stuck in it after every two battles. zeneo, on the other hand delayed his battles for quite long because he didn't want to lose too many beypoints. So, he (and even pranzdiv123(?))interefered with the order of the battles in order to have an advantage in terms of Beypoints. According to one of the participant, zeneo even delayed one of his battles for 35 minutes

The event accelerated a bit when nik arrived, but there was still the problem of fake parts and launchers to deal with. Finally, at about 3:00 we were left with the last few battles. At that time, zeneo was too keen to know if he stood a chance to qualify for the finals and kept asking me to count his wins in spite of me being quite busy preparing my combo for my battle. Secondly, my combo required an MF-H but that was nowhere to be found. I asked pranzdiv123 if he had it, but he denied having even seen it. I still haven't found my MF-H. Uncertain Therefore, I was left to use the Synchrom for almost the entire event because that was the only thing which wasn't too easy to be KOd by the attack combos.

Finally, by 3:40 we began the finals of the MFB event. Seeing that it was too late for HMS, I asked ashton to let everyone except the 3 finalists and the judge(NitroNeo) complete their HMS battles as soon as possible. To make it faster, I lent out my HMS to the participants, hoping that they would finish their battles quicker. When the MFB event ended, it was 4 and what I saw in the HMS event was this: ashton was completely left aside. No one listened to him. People were busy testing their self-made combos and paid no attention to whose battles were next. Since it was too late, I decided to call off the HMS event because it would have taken another hour in that situation to end the HMS event. I asked everyone to return my HMS and I gave them a quick count. Most people were leaving by then. I realized I had forgotten to take back my Driger MS and I had to call out sharven12, who was almost out of sight to get him to return it. Somehow, it skipped my mind that I was missing my Wolborg MS too.

When I was almost home, 150km away from the venue, pranzdiv123 called me up and told me, "Is your Wolborg MS with you? I have a Wolborg MS in my bag, it is an extra. It's RC is broken. Is it yours? I think it is. What should I do with it?"
I dont know if he took it on purpose or someone gave it to him, but yes, it certainly was completely fine before the tournament and had broken during the event.

That concludes the report.

Among the participants we had-
1. People who failed to cooperate.
2. Bey-Thugs (oh, and these were real ones)
3. People threatening others to break their beys; because of the fact that they themselves are quite rich and can afford many beys(if you don't know, this guy is going to buy the whole of Evo's plastic collection for $5000)
4. People disrespecting the host.
5. People who were more interested in their practice, than in helping in the proceedings of the tourney(judging, coordinating, cooperating).
6. People who gave more importance to their practice battles than their official battles.
7. People who delayed their battles only so that they could get more BeyPoints(you see, the BeyPoint system also considers the sequence of battles). One of these guys made me wait for 35 minutes before battling.
8. People who knew how to behave like outlaws.
9. People who insulted a 17-18 years old participant.
10. People who couldn't stand it when a female WBO member Insomniac praised a guy(who missed our tourney) previously.
11. People who cared more for the DJ Face than anything else.

As most members asked, this is the report on every participant individually(consists of reports from other participants too):
1. adityamatha- Quite an introvert guy. He'd brought a few of his friends along, and spent most of the time with them. His friends carried fake parts, so I had to explain the rules to them. This caused a 10 minute delay. Plus, headityamatha often delayed his matches, because he wanted to play with his friends...

2. ashton pinto- Tortured... Heavily tortured... Stayed in a corner when he wasn't playing a match. Tried to retaliate, but failed every time. He kept his calm though, and played well. Due to his problems with other members, he was unable to help us much. He did cause some delay, but it wasn't a huge delay.

3. christophermk- Stayed with ashton. He is his friend. He caused some delay, but indirectly. So not his fault really.

4. Janstarblast- Was a great help with judging. Co-operated a lot.

5. N0body- If there would have been someone other member from the Organizer's Circle in my place, they would have taken immediate action without waiting for the situation to get worse. So, I was at fault too. However, I was on my toes throughout the tourney. Tried to organize stuff, but couldn't. I was organizing battles, recording the results, lending parts, saving his other parts from "Bey-Thugs" etc.

6. NitroNeo- Quite a cool-headed guy. He was enjoying quite a bit. Not to mention that he was a GREAT help! He was the oldest participant at the tourney, and played his role very well! He lost too many matches and hence faced some "funny" remarks...

7. pranzdiv123- Ah, the rich guy! Joking around all the time! He entertained us a bit with his jokes, but it soon got annoying. He also threatened people to break their beys, tried to break a BB-10 stadium and kicked the stadiums around for fun. Threatened me to put him among the Judges so that he gets a DJ Face. As I denied, he ceased to co-operate. Having had a huge collection himself, he STILL borrowed parts; that too, without asking.

8. sharven12- Played his game, helped when asked to, and left without affecting the tourney much. He did delay the tourney as he played with my BeyLauncher L/R. Of course, he can't be blamed as he wasn't alone. We also can't blame him because he was one of the "sane" people out there... Even though we had a HUGE supply of launchers, as 6-7 people depended on one launcher, the tourney was delayed.

9. zeneo- He joined pranzdiv123 in passing the vulgar comments, and continued throughout the tourney. He did many more things, but those are already mentioned.... Even he, asked to be added as a Judge, I believe. He was after BeyPoints though, and tried his best to delay all the matches.

10. nik1392- Made a cameo appearance, and attended only the MFB tourney. As he was in a hurry, we didn't ask him to help us, and instead asked him to wind up all his matches so that he could leave at his own convenience. But even without us asking, he did help. Surprisingly, he multi-tasked perfectly. He helped, played his matches, and at one point, he actually accelerated the tourney(probably because he wiped out everyone with his Flash)!
The behavior described in this post is genuinely unforgivable, disgusting, wholly indefensible garbage. That the fullest extent of our possible retribution is only to exile these users from events is somewhat disheartening, provided that these accounts are accurate. To say that both zeneo and pranzdiv123 should be ashamed is the very least of it; they should be to a point of self-loathing over this. Absolutely no behavior of this kind will ever be tolerated or condoned within this Organization.

Rest assured that punishment will be appropriate for the situation, and you have my sympathy for having had to endure this incident at all, and especially for having lost personal items through it.

Absolutely any physical or verbal harassment of users is a bannable offense, in addition to anything resembling theft. The lightest punishment given for kicking stadia/abusing people's parts, messing with results, manipulating matches, and disregarding format, are all very heavy warnings.

As of this moment, I see absolutely no reason why zeneo and pranzdiv123 should not be completely banned from the World Beyblade Organization, and all of its events, with no possibility of appeal, so long as the details in this report are considered sufficient by the rest of The Committee. It is a wholly unfortunate reality that your community will become more inactive following this punishment, but it is for the greater good that such childish, abusive individuals not be permitted at events under the WBO banner.
Thankyou for posting this. As someone who has been aware of the events and is absolutely disgusted by the behaviour of two members in particular, I think I will take this opportunity to express that, now that a CM has posted.

Zeneo and Pranzdiv should be utterly ashamed for their behaviour. This is NOT acceptable in this community, and I am sure it will be dealt with suitably here, however the fact is it is just generally disgusting behaviour for any human, Pranzdiv especially - stealing and damaging the property of those who have much less than he does... I don't know how someone could be so messed up at a relatively young age but I hope it's just a phase - for his own sake.

Zeneo, Pranzdiv123, do you two even understand the concept of sportsmanship or maybe just not being terrible people? I just... I cannot comprehend how people can be so damned terrible. How could you possibly think any of this was even remotely okay? I mean sure, I shouldn't expect any less from people who complain that threads they have made that were very, very clearly breaching the rules of the site were closed and blame it on the administrators and members who reported them but wow. I had hoped it was just an online thing, I guess. I've said it before: You both deserve every single punishment you have got and will get for your repulsive, disgusting behaviour and continual inability to understand when you are at fault or even understand WHY not being a terrible person is an important thing.

To those negatively affected by their behaviour, don't worry, I am sure suitable punishment will be dealt... Though, given both offenders history of being unable to accept that they are at fault, I don't know if anything that could be done within the confines of this site will adequately "teach them a lesson".

N0body, I am sorry you had to deal with their misbehaviour, not to mention the blatant theft of your parts (and the substitution of the broken bearing core)... I don't know what can be done about that, but hopefully they are returned or replaced.

As for the Mumbai tournament scene – hopefully losing one or two members will not be a large obstacle. I think it is one you can overcome with some effort. I sincerely hope you can – as to display to these two that they are not at all missed.

Either way, I trust the committee will act appropriately, but I could not bite my tongue about such horrendous behaviour.
This is completely disgusting. To have members like that in the WBO, is like letting a cancer grow with out knowledge. I'm not that old and wise, so I'm just coming from my early teen stand-point, but such behavior is seriously not acceptable here.

I can't say much cause I'm just a normal member, but would one of the CM take action on this. zeneo and Pranzdiv123 should require discipline for such an action. A situation not very, but somewhat similar occurred in the past down here, but it hasn't occurred again.

If this is how they continue to act, I have absolutely no reservations in requesting both member's complete ban from joining the WBO's Events. We have a global reputation, and members like zeneo and Pranzdiv123 don't help, but instead ruin our hobbies thoroughly.

Just my 2 cents, and I repeat, I am completely disgusted.
You have made a good decision by reporting the acts of pranzdiv123 and zeneo.
Even though I'm no senior here, I believe that the comity will not take this lightly.
Making fun off and annoying is one thing but flicking is one act which is unforgivable.
I've have no idea what the comity's decision would be but I think they deserve to be warned to a 90% because
if they are completely banned NObody is gonna lose his bey parts.
NObody, you should have taken clips of their action as their would have been no dought of what they did
And yes do pranzdiv123 and zeneo know anything about this report???
I'm not reporting their acts. I'm just telling what happened at the tournament, from the host's point of view.
And all I have lost is an MF-H. I can buy that later.
I haven't made 'clips' of their action. But, their voice is recorded in some clips of the beybattles.