[Report] Beyblade Challenge! (Mumbai, India)[26/05/13]

This was a big day for Indian community!! On 25th may I went to Landmark after Thane's event to checkout the place, I had a discussion with Landmark and Funskool people and from their talks it looked like we will cross 70-80 participant on 26th. To avoid the timing problems we faced for Pune event, This time it was clearly told to participants to come at 12pm to the venue.

Finally the BIG DAY!! Nemo's dad took his car and we(Thane participants) left around 9.15 from Thane and reached the mall at 10.15 only so we had to wait till 11.00 for Landmark to open. At 11 Me, pran1895, shanky and vicky went in the store and started setting up with the barrigates,mats and stadiums. And within few minutes people started coming up for registrations so we started registrations at 11.45 and it went till 12.45 because we were simultaneously distributing Promo Cards and telling about WBO.

We had a scheduled time of 12 to 5pm so we did not do the parts checking just told everyone to use only original parts with a warning that if anyone caught with fake parts he/she will lose the round. So finally started with the matches at 1.00pm. To avoid parental argument the first round matches were called of according to age groups(which was a successful move). We did not get any complaints from parents. The best part was few of the parents got so excited that even they registered and played!!

As I was judging 2 stadiums at a time it was difficult for me to look at other stadiums, but then Janstarblast told me about the match where a guy was using a fake parts but the Landmark employee didn't bothered about that and continued as I was busy, I paid attention to Jan after some time but as soon as I came to know about fake part, I re-did that match with a last warning to that participants. But this could have been avoided if Landmark employee would have spotted and taken action against that first so this was some careless behaviour from that employee but thankfully Janstarblast spotted that and reported it.

Other than that the event really went smoothly we completed before time but we had to wait till 5pm as the Branch manager was not ready to let go the Organizer before 5pm.

There were few really excited participants who wished to purchase Passport and attend future WBO events. Hope to see them at our next event.

This event was successful because of many people...here are they..
N0body- He helped in all the softcopy related work(poster,thread,presentations). Also he always gives useful suggetions to make an event successful...thanks alot bro!!
ashton pinto- This guy keeps on boosting me to do good events...he helped me this time putting up the posters in his local region and toystores....Thanks alot bro!!
zeneo- he is a bit weired guy, very short tempered but when it come to Events he is always ready to help....he promoted the Facebook event page, he was there with me everytime I went to Landmark, at printing shop also he put up the posters in the local stores...again Thanks alot to u too!
Janstarblast- he is the who keeps us reminding about WBO's discipline...as he is very knowledgable member here, he helps us with what should be done what should not be...and as i've mentioned in the above incident, he helped me on the day of event also...so thanks alot dude!!
shanky & vicky- these are my college friends, they are not much into beyblade but still they came to event just to help me out with everything...without these guys the wouldn't have been as smooth as we had...so a big thanks to them!!

And there are still many people who helped in some or the other way...which includes Nemo(& his parents for taking us in their car) & BladingSpirit5, gameboysuperman, sharven12(for their stadiums)...so thanks alot everyone!!Smile
OK, but what was Funskool's contribution in all of this ?

I also heard that nik1392 was not allowed in the venue. What happened there ? Did Landmark think that there was really just one guy hosting the whole tournament involving more than sixty participants I think ?

So everyone will have an account here ?

Since you mentioned that Landmark might want to start a contract and make this a more frequent occurrence, do you think there will be some room for you to negotiate ? For one, they should definitely promote a link to this site, or at least to the tournament topic so that people can read the important information, know where the idea of the event comes from, and post questions if they have any. Secondly, only educated people should be allowed to judge, and fake parts absolutely must be checked.
I have a couple of concerns as well. Most echoes Kai-V's already.

1. What was Funskool's contribution in it? IIRC, they provided no bey-related prizes, there were no Funskool's personnel, else, they'd be concerned as well about the amount of fake parts present. I only read about Landmark's personnel, and not Funskool's.

2. Fake parts checking. Remember, there's zero tolerance about this. Especially when they were abundant. If anything, it should only emphasize the importance of parts checking.

3. No Zero G allowed. Everybody knows that I'm normally pro house rules now and then. There's really nothing wrong to adapt to each community's habits and culture. But this particular house rule strikes me as a bit extreme. This would put the BeyRanks on a different footing than the rest of the world. I mean, let's say 'No Basalt', or 'Attack only', things like these I can live with. But a whole series banned is a different story. You should have asked a Committee for something this extreme.
(May. 31, 2013  4:56 AM)Uwik Wrote: 3. No Zero G allowed. Everybody knows that I'm normally pro house rules now and then. There's really nothing wrong to adapt to each community's habits and culture. But this particular house rule strikes me as a bit extreme. This would put the BeyRanks on a different footing than the rest of the world. I mean, let's say 'No Basalt', or 'Attack only', things like these I can live with. But a whole series banned is a different story. You should have asked a Committee for something this extreme.

I didn't attend this event, but since I was a part of host of the Beyblade Challenge event in Pune, I can give some clarification on this.

The whole idea of banning Zero-G and 4D was to make the game fair for the newer participants. We dont have Metal Fury released in India yet, so if we were to use Duo, all non-WBO members would have had no chance to make it to the finals. Also, Zero-G combos would have dominated as well.

Initially when Relic proposed this idea, most members, including me, were against it. However, it wouldn't have been a good idea to be a part of an event where a few overpowered parts make you win even if you have no skill at all. That's the reason we decided to implement it.

And IIRC, nik did ask Kai-V if we could go ahead with the 'ban' and she responded positively. That's what he told us at least.

EDIT: In spite of all this, there weren't many new members placing and the WBO members ended up dominating.
Funskool's part was only prizes(ofcourse those were not so good because Beyblade stock is not available with them)...other than that they had alloted one person there to help with the event and he was helping me with the Judging on one of the stadiums.

And vicky and shanky was there with me for judging also one Landmark employee and one Funskool guy(mentioned above) was there also my bro pran1895 was helping with the registration....Janstarblast was one of the "potential winner" so didn't want him to get involved in helping....and one of the incident happened that Janstarblast was talking with a lady and then she asked me that is he the organizer and also a participant (in a shocking way) maybe thats why Landmark didn't allowed him in.

Yes, everyone will have account, we have taken down the email ids of the participants as we were not having internet access there, we couldn't make accounts there.

As Landmark is spread over an open floor, so we won't get a room but we will get a space in the store itself with the barrigates & Que managers...and they can provide links to WBO on their page but somehow it didn't work out this time Uncertain

We were not sure about the time management this time thats why we couldn't do parts checking but only that Landmark employee didn't bother about fake parts other than that everyone else(me, shanky, vicky and funskool guy) was alert about the fakes.

About 4D and zeroGs, it was not a complusion but as N0body said we wanted to make it fair so we requested everyone not to use them against newcomers.
Below is another review/report of the event that has been PM-ed to me by Janstarblast. He's not part of the Organizer usergroup, hence my posting it here on his behalf.

Janstarblast Wrote:So yeah, as I have never been an official host and hence can't respond to anything in OC, I thought of PMing you (as I thought it would be cool to give as much information about this as possible).

1. Funskool's contribution, for the most part, was negligible.
The prizes given were some of their classic board games (Connect 4 and stuff) as they reasoned of not having Beyblades in stock (which is really, really hard to believe).
Nik does claim to have had a Funskool employee helping him, but there was nothing that set him apart from the rest, i.e. Landmark employees (so much so, that nik's claim is almost unbelievable- because we never knew that there was anyone from Funskool there).

Even if he would have been a Funskool employee, he didn't seem to care about fakes. Not once have I seen anyone other than me or nik1392 spot fakes.
As I do not know specifically who- according to nik- was the Funskool employee, I may not be sure if he was among the misinformed lot who questioned us every time we pointed out fakes. All in all, there was no concern for fakes.

2. I know I spoke about fake parts already, but just so that things correspond with your points, I will speak of it again-
Parts Checking was NOT given importance at all.
Nik1392 didn't find parts checking important- especially because the Landmark tourney at Pune didn't need it (all newbies borrowed parts from them, so yeah, Parts Checking was not a lengthy process there).

Nik planned to skip Parts Checking in order to save time. It was a terrible idea, which is why we asked him to ban spin steal instead of Parts Checking- if he was so concerned about time management.
After he learned its importance, he allowed me to take up the job of Parts Checking. However, Landmark didn't let me enter; thus completely wrecking the plan.

Nik decided to keep a check on 6 stadiums together, and spot fakes at the start of individual battles. I tried to chip in at times, but I usually had to back out and interact with parents instead (in a way, nik took control over the actual tourney procedures, while I helped him to carry out his work smoothly- by keeping the parents away from him). Again a terrible idea, considering how fakes might have made it into the Official matches. Still, most of us(all the regular WBO members present) were confident that he did manage to get the fakes out.

3. The banning of an entire series (two in fact, as even 4Ds weren't allowed) was of course, not an Official ruling. It was a mutual agreement reached upon by all regular WBO members who were supposed to attend. As I mentioned above, spin-steal was also up for banning (or more correctly, people were to agree to not use spin steal in order to save time- which was a much better thing to do than skipping parts checking), but the idea was later scrapped.
As nik1392 mentioned, it was not made mandatory. People were allowed to use all kinds of 4D/Zero-G parts, but were advised to refrain from doing so. Because of course, you'd face several "frosty-nosed stares" if you rejoice after dominating a tourney of Hells and Lightnings with Dragooons and Flashes. So yeah, while it wasn't a strict ban, people- showing sportsmanship- refrained from using such parts. Smile

So yeah, that's that. I would be glad to provide any other information you may want regarding the tourney.

To clear some misunderstanding about Point #3. I have always understood the reasoning behind it, and why you guys did what you did. It's not a matter of 'why', it's more towards WBO's rule & format compliance. If the house rule imposed (in this case, banning of 4D & Zero-G) is too extreme and deviates too much from WBO's rule and format, then why bother having the event under WBO?

There was no visible promotion linking to WBO for a collaboration this size, there was zero monetary revenue generated, there was credibility issue regarding fake parts and maybe able judges, and there was a severe alteration to the WBO's format, in regards of the house rule. What does that leave us? Nothing other than hundreds of questionable battles to process under the 'supposedly same & fair with the rest of the world' ranking system.

The ONLY reason I would let this slide is because I believe the core purpose of our community is to bring beybladers all around the world together, competitively or not. But c'mon guys, in the future, you should give your very own community some leverage and represent WBO well. Be transparent when you do these reports, there's nothing that can't be discussed. Don't omit or cover any 'setbacks' that might have occurred during the event as the OP suggested. If you feel uncomfortable making a public post, then our PMs are always available.

Regardless of all the things that happened, congratulations are in order. So great job on managing India's largest event yet. These bigger events are always a handful. Make the next one better.
First off, Funskool is not my company nor I work there, so there is no reason I'll suppport them without any reason. What I said is undoubtedly true. Funskool has released Beywheelz now and thats why they are out of stock for Beyblades. And just to check out its true or not I had gone to their godown also but Beys were not there.

There was a guy to my left in formal shirt who was judging the matches on that stadiums, that guy was from Funskool and Janstarblast was not looking through each and every match so he must have not noticed that Funskool guy was actually taking care of fakes, but he was silent and kind of shy he never showed it openly. He did his work very well.
Two my friends were also telling me about the parts which they thought are fakes and judging the matches very well so there was no problem with judges being not capable. Only that Landmark employee was being careless.

We didnt had parts checking because we were given limited time and I was already hammered by Funskool and Landmark athourities to complete the event before time and in that case it was not feasible to invest time in parts checking but we did kept fakes away from the matches and we did it very well. I don't know why Janstarblast is so much emphasising on that! And the idea of spin steal ban wouldn't have affected much because there was only one or two guys(those were also WBO members) who used spin steals so the suggetion of banning spin steal and doing parts checking wasn't worth the time.
That would have saved only 10-15 minutes which was not enough for parts checking.

The posters were having WBO logo on that, we have promoted WBO via promo cards also the only place we fail at is promoting it online. There were few participants who wished to participate in future tourneys so we'll have to wait till next tourney to have actual revenue. Fake parts wasn't a big issue(it looks big with Janstarblast's posts) and Judges were capable(except that Landmark employee)

And this is friendly suggetion...if anyone wants to help with the big event then help before the event with various things, dont come on the day of event saying these are my suggetions, I want to help with this, etc.