Recreation Of The Ranking System

Hello everybody! It has become ever more obvious that as a community we are not pleased with the ranking system as it is. Due to this I have created a new seasonal ranking system. First of all, I want everybody to know that I am open to any changes that ya'll would like to be made. Second of all, this ranking system will be used in absence of a rework for the current ranking system. I am sure that staff is working on one currently, but untill then I thought this might hold us over. Now to explain it. This system takes the amount of matches you have won divided by the number of matches you have played and multiplies that number by 100. For example, if I won 1 match and lost 4 then my score would be "(1/5)*100" or 20. Then you add the number of matches you have played to the score. 20+5 and that would leave us with a score of 25. The extra 5 points worth of matches added on is to keep someone who has played 4 matches and won all of them from being higher ranked than someone who played 100 matches and has only lost once. If need be this number can be altered using a multiplier (or divisor). This is the test model using ranked tournaments that I have participated in:

How Updates Will Work
To update the spreadsheet all that will have to be done by organizers is copy pasting the results straight from their tournament spreadsheet. If a organizer does not input a tournament, then simply PM me, and I will input it myself.

Alright, I hope you guys enjoy! Feedback is welcome and needed.
As long as I'm not doing the math I'm all for it. Great work.