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Okay so this is a project of mine to right down all the recolours of plastics (and soon HMS) that are currently known. This is just the simplest version and it will be adapted and updated as and when I can. Atm the recolours here don't cover much from random boosters. Just the prizes what comes in the fukobako random boosters. While I only felt like doing A series I added Driger S in there because it’s well known and should be in the first draft. For those that don’t know Takara released it before the A series so that’s why it has no item number. Also just so no one misunderstands this isn't supposed to be published. It's a resource. If this could be sticked that would be awesome.

Beyblades A Series

Launcher grips

Weight Disks
They could be added to their articles on Beywiki though if they are not already listed, no ?
Yes they can. No reason not to.
Why would it not be published? Beywiki is a resource, and since this is one also, it could go on the wiki ...

Anyways, I will start on HMS:

This list includes RB beys.
Because it wasn't made for that reason. It was made so that if I leave here permanently there's this to inform people. Also as Kai-V said why wouldn't we just put it in the articles instead? Thanks for the HMS one. Mostly done. I'll add to that and have it done by saturday.
The launcher grip section has been added. I'm considering putting up pictures of the obscure launcher grips that most won't know.
Iunno, if it were formatted etc it could be published to the wiki - if we ever got transclusion set up it could work there haha, though that could be going a little overboard with the idea Either way, I'm with *Ginga* on this, there's no reason not to have more information on the beywiki, and otherwise, this information won't all be on there until we have articles on every beyblade, which could be a while.

Anyway, thanks a bunch for doing this Ultra, it should make draft writing a lot easier, as well as being a useful reference. I haven't given it a full check over to make sure everything is there but I'm sure if anything's missing you're already working on it, haha.
The things left is four layer and the stadiums where I will look on YJA at plastic tourney sets to see what the stadiums are and then the few other recolours I know. There's a few I missed out. Mainly on Dragoon S since there are so many takara recolours
I thought I'd put this list here as well. I'm sure you guys can categorize & product code it better.

A somewhat completed list of all HMS releases & recolors (99.99999%) (Click to View)