Ray Joker's Galaxy Pegasis Draft! (Ready for Checking)

Okay, okay, I know there's been a bunch load of Galaxy Pegasis threads, but I didn't think most of them were up to Beywiki potential (sorry guys!), and so I decided to make my own. I used the Clear Wheel description that I gave Ultrablader in his draft. Weights from here: http://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Weights-of-MFB

Quote:Face: Pegasis
The Face depicts Pegasus, one of the 88 constellations in space.

Clear Wheel: Pegasis II
• Weight: 3.1 grams
The Pegasis II Clear Wheel is originally released in a semi-transparent, light blue color. The Clear Wheel depicts the wings and heads of Pegasis, much like the previous Pegasis Clear Wheel. On each of the wings shows the letters P-E-G-I, short for Pegasis, in a red color.

Metal Wheel: Galaxy
• Weight: 29.4 grams
Galaxy was originally released in a metallic blue paint scheme. Much like Pegasis and Storm, Galaxy's main shape consists of three wing-like forms to depict the wings of Pegasis. On each of Galaxy’s "wings" are two separate protrusions that are melded together, causing a slight gap between each "wing". Each of the undersides are hollow, causing Galaxy to be very light. Galaxy has three curved ridges on the top of each wing, and five small spikes on the bottom. It also has four indented separaptions that are melded into the wing that is visible on the outside.

Since Galaxy's "wings" smoothly curve into the "core" of the Metal Wheel itself, this leads to reduced contact points for any sort of decent Smash. Also, Galaxy is a very light Metal Wheel, and thus is not able to deliver a great amount of force. As such, Galaxy an outclassed Attack Wheel that should not be used competitively at all.

Track: Wing 105
• Weight: 1.2 grams
Wing 105, or W105, consists of two curved wing-like fins that slant downwards, like DF145. The main purpose of this Track is to push air upwards to provide extra Stamina, but the effect this Track produces is negligible, thus making W105 outclassed in both Stamina and Attack. W105 should only be used in the absence of 85, 90, and 100 in both Stamina and Attack customizations.

Bottom: Right Rubber Flat
• Weight: 0.8 grams
Right Rubber Flat, shortened to R²F, is the most vital part of this Beyblade and is the main reason to own Galaxy Pegasis competitively. R²F is very similar to RF, and is an overall upgraded version of it. R²F consists of six curved spikes that face to the right, hence the name. This creates more traction with the stadium floor, causing it to move quicker than an RF. However, its stamina greatly decreases due to increased speed and friction.

Since this is a rubber Attack Bottom, a new R²F is harder to control than a new RF, mainly because it moves much faster. This makes RF a good choice for controllability and stamina, while R²F is a better choice for speed and power. Like RF however, it is essential to wear the rubber of R²F before competitive use, as this allows the Beyblade to spin into a "flower pattern" more easily. A R²F will wear down faster than an RF because of increased friction and speed. A clear sign that shows when an R²F is in its prime is when the indented lines that form a star shape inside R²F's perimeter are completely gone.

Use in Attack Customization
R²F can be utilized in a multitude of Attack customizations, with the most prominent being MF Beat Lynx GB145R²F.

Other Versions
Galaxy Pegasis W105R²F - BB-75 Deck Entry Set (Turquoise Green)
Galaxy Pegasis W105R²F - BB-76 Galaxy Pegasus DX Set (Clear Ver.)
Galaxy Pegasis GB145MS Black Hole Ver. - CoroCoro Limited Edition (Black)
Galaxy Pegasis W105R²F - WBBA 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Prizes - (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Galaxy Pegasis W105R²F - BB-92 Booster (Clear Ver.)

Galaxy Pegasis W105R²F is mainly composed of outclassed parts. However, R²F is one of the best Attack Bottoms available. It is essentially an upgraded version of RF in terms of speed and power, and overall much better. R²F is the only reason to purchase this. Every Blader should own multiples of this Beyblade.
Don't forget about BB-92 Clear ver.

Overall your draft is outstanding, like near perfect draft.
It's very nice Smile
One thing though, you should state how much r2f needs to be worn to get to it's prime state.
I'm not sure though, it depends really on how much the person uses it, so I can't really give a definite answer to that.

However, I remember Diamond (IIRC) say until lines that were indented in R2F need to be gone. Not sure exactly, though.
Yep, the lines on it's perimeter. And I think I remember seeing blah post that before.
Edited it, thanks!
I thought galaxy had decent smash, but it couldn't work because it is the lightest metal wheel ever, therefore making it outclassed. IIRC, it does have contact points.
Well, when I look in my Galaxy Wheel, it doesn't seem to have any major contact points for Smash, since the protrusions curve smoothly inwards, as opposed to wheels like Vulcan.
Right Rubber Flat, not Rubber Right Flat.
Thanks Daegor, edited it!
(Jan. 27, 2011  11:31 PM)Ray Joker Wrote: With this, it allows more friction with the stadium floor, causing it to move faster than an RF. Since, however, this is a rubber Attack Bottom, a new R²F is hard to control, more so than a new RF, mainly because it moves much faster.

Way too many commas.
Looks pretty good. Better than mine.
Thanks guys, I edited it.
Idk if this counts but should BB-76 be added in the "Other Versions" because it is another version but i heard the transparent track and bottom are the same as BB-92
I'll add it, just incase. Thanks!
The BB-76 version is transparent although i'm not sure if it's the exactly the same as the BB-92 one.
It's exactly the same I think because it is the Clear Ver., so is it necessary, do you think?
I think it should be mentioned.
(Jan. 27, 2011  11:31 PM)Ray Joker Wrote: An R²F will wear down as twice as fast when compared to an RF because of increased friction with the stadium floor.
Bolded should be taken out, so it will say "...wear down twice as fast..." The extra as doesn't make sense.
Other then that I see no problem, though I'm new to draft editing, so there3 may be some other mistakes. That one just stood out to me.
Thanks, I'll edit that!
Track: Wing 105
• Weight: 1.2 grams
Wing 105, or W105, consists of two curved wings that slant downwards, like DF145. The main purpose of this Track is to push air upwards to provide extra Stamina, but the effect this Track produces is negligible.

You should add that "therefore W105 is outclassed. However if 85,90 or 100 are not available this track can be put into use." in the last.

You Should Also Add Some Pictures.

Otherwise It is Great.
Thank you, I will edit that as soon as I can.
Sorry for the double post, but is there anything else needing correction?

I'm just waiting on Kei to read this.
Bb 75 is actually a recouler of glaxy pegasis.
I know, I stated it was a different color, and that it comes with different parts.

EDIT: Edited a few things, made it shorter.