How do the rankings work? Is it just the number of wins? If I beat the number one person does my rank rise and their’s fall ? If I compete more do I get higher rankings ? If I loose more but play more how does that affect my rank? Any insight is appreciated.
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Everyone starts at rank 1000.
Your rank goes up when you defeat someone in a WBO tournament match. It goes down when you lose to someone.
The points go up the same amount as they go down for the defeated opponent.
If you beat someone below your rank, you will gain a few points.
If you beat someone around your rank, you will gain more points.
If you beat someone above your rank, you can gain a lot of points, depending on how high above.

The amount of points is also affected by a modifier. The number of total participants in a tournament increases the modifier. A win in a 64 person tournament is more meaningful than a win in a 32 person tournament.

Your rank will only go up when you win a tournament match. Actually, between this and the Swiss format for tournaments, it reminds me a lot of how Chess tournaments work.
thank for info need know that wonder
So if a player significantly higher beats me I loose less than someone closer in rank? And the more players in a tournament the higher the rank goes for a win because your apt to have more losses that tournament? Right?
yes that how it works in ranking
SpeedBump and rolltidenascar you can read more about this system in Wikipedia: Elo Rating System
thank you how figure my ranking
(Jan. 07, 2020  7:08 PM)rolltidenascar Wrote: thank you  how figure my ranking

If I beat somebody with a ranking the same as me, would mine go up? If so, how much?