RS Discussion

Standard Procedure
Zero G Attack Type Stadium
BeyLauncher LR
Launcher Rubber

Duo Pegasis II W145 RS vs. Meteo  L Drago B:D
First Ten Rounds Duo Launched first, next ten Meteo.

 Meteo: 19 wins, all OS
Duo: 1 win, all KO
RS Win Rate: 5%

More tests tomorrow (if I have power).
I understand that unpredictable nature of the Zero G stadiums means that we need to test every part but can you do tests that make sense? It's pretty clear that Duo wasn't gonna win on RS since it's rubber and it just stays in the same place.
Yes, I had a combo at a Zero G tournament, it was Dragooon Dragooon ED145 RS. It won.
I'm telling you, this thing is for real.
Well great but if that's true it would have made a lot more sense to test that.
I do not have ED145 or Dragooon.
Uh... Isn't RS's weakness reverse rotating beys? That kinda gives it an unfair disadvantage. Just my two cents.
Ah, while your point is true, I do not have two Duos or a Phantom. But phantom is coming in the mail.
You Could just test a non recoil metal wheel you have 2 of? for ex earth
Even with earth though there is the issue of molds. Not if they're both hasbro though.
The only thin I have two of is Flame, lol.