[REPORT] The Bey Brawl! 7/20/13 Sterling, VA

The Bey Brawl! Report
As the official thread was made I thought we would only have 8 players, but I was astounded at the amount of people who said they would come. Even though many who said they would come were no-shows we still had 16 players. We used 2 clear BB-10s for the tournament. All 16 players stayed through out the tournament so we had a great one. I got one player referred at the tournament. In the tournament the most common combos were top tier combos. The veterans at the tournament used some epic combos revealed in the winning combinations thread. Surprisingly only a few people used Dragooon. There was a great amount of new players. *Ginga* provided 3 new Shogun Steel Beyblades as prizes. They were Pirates Kraken, Pirates Orochi, and Theif Phoenix. He was a great contributor helping with not only prizes, but also Judging. Time helped a lot by showing me a great system for Round Robin on Paper as well as judging. Insomniac helped in judging and organizing. Kaboom!!! was super helpful as a co-host and judge. I judged the finals and Time, Kaboom!!!, Insomniac, and *Ginga* judged one block each. We had 4 blocks. Over all this tournament went great. We did not have any errors, at least in m opinion. I submitted all fees and results the day after the tournament. Some ideas for my next tournament are to have a big shop such as the one that is at Maryland tournament. I think my tournaments will be able to merge the Maryland and Virginia Communities and maybe have a Battle of Virgina and Maryland. What ideas can you guys give me? I want to know what I can do to make the best tournament possible.
*Ginga* Wrote:(I can't post here yet, so I just PMed Rager my reply). First off I would like to say that I had an awesome time. It was really fun. Next, something RagerBlade forgot to mention was that this tournament went incredibly fast, we were done with finals at 3:40, and we started at 1:40. Incredibly fast for a first time host. Next, the prizes really were nothing, you guys are going crazy hahah. (I am getting reimbursement anyway) Anyways, we (Insomniac, Kaboom!!!, Time, and I) judged blocks separate from our own so we could remove any possible bias toward our self (conscious or unconscious). I think as a whole we had did a very nice job of stamping out bias between ourselves, with judging different blocks as well as RagerBlade judging finals (he didn't make it).

As for errors, RagerBlade was slightly slow writing everything down, but he then was on top of everything/had the hang of it midway through.

And yes, the idea of having the MD and VA communities meetup for a fairly large tournament is a great idea, because the turnouts would be huge haha.
Judging by RagerBlades and Ginga's reviews it appears like everything went good. I like your idea of trying to do a little Virginia vs Maryland event. I believe you might have stated this but doing an event at a location that has Wi-Fi would be very good considering you could use Challonge and would speed up the marking of results (As *Ginga* said you were a little slow at the beginning with writing). Looks like everything went well and hopefully you'll be able to host another soon. Good luck with future events and thanks for the report!
Thanks! Also for the Maryland VS VA idea. I thought I could also add North Carolina to the battle. NC is pretty close it would be far, but if people we gotten enough people they would definitely come!
Time Wrote:Overall, the event ran really well. Assigning a judge to each block eliminated a lot of the confusion and stoppage time between rounds that I have become familiar with in MD. RagerBlade is mature beyond his age (his profile says 12, but I can't believe it after meeting him). He handles himself very well around parents and has the basic knowledge needed to host a tournament down flat. He also understood that letting the veterans (Kaboom!!!, Insomniac, *Ginga*, and I) run a lot of the tournament was the right avenue for a first time host. I greatly respect him for his willingness to step down from the sole leadership position and for still staying involved with the organization of the tournament and trying to take every opportunity he could to learn how to successfully host a tournament on his own in the future.