[REPORT] FIGHT CLUB: Dual Impact (Surabaya, Indonesia) (30 September 2012)

It was two tournaments in one day, MFB & Zero G, co-hosted by Mtwo and myself.

As some of you might have noticed, the popularity of beyblades have dwindled down significantly in TAKARA-TOMY countries, Indonesia included. We had 11 total participants, a very small turnout (smallest we've ever had), compared to what we're used to. Only the remaining core players are left. We ran a standard RR for the MFB, and Block RR for the Zero G. Finished the whole event in under 3 hours for both formats.

Mtwo had graciously provided the prizes. A custom Gold/Silver/Bronze beyblade + 1 Zero G Random Booster for each winner for MFB and limited collectible beys for the Zero G - Sol Blaze VA145 AS (Black Eclipse ver.) Meteo L-Drago LW105 LF (Hasbro's Triple battle set) & Devine Chimera TR145 FB (Gold ver.)

[Image: c52b953693d399cfeff09d78439f9bba.jpg]

Now, during the day, it was pretty much your typical tournament day. Some loud cheers here and there, nothing of concern.

- MFB: Most of the players opted to attack types this time around. Plenty of Diablo, Flash and syncromed wheels everywhere. With the introduction of Zero G, there's a flood of new parts coming in, which honestly, threw our existing metagame off. Players were still trying out what parts work together and which ones do not. Few of the old combos are still around. Duo 230 MB, LDG BD145, etc. We also saw a Big Bang in 2 matches..? lol

- Zero G: Considering this was our first Zero G tournament, we came into the event blind. Most players opted for B : D . But the ones who didn't own Zero G were quickly eliminated. Weight does matter a lot in the Zero G stadium.

A personal opinion:
1. TAKARA-TOMY really needs to fix the MSF coming loose issue. It's ridiculous that most come loose during the first beymatch.
2. I don't like the aesthetics of synchromes. During battle, they all just look 'silver'. No more different colored Crystal Wheels to give each bey / combo their distinct characteristics, which in turn, is difficult to tell which combo is what.

Summary: The tournament turned out great. We are fortunate enough to have very helpful and cooperative members in our community. As hosts, Mtwo and myself decided not to claim the prizes. For MFB, since it was a custom job, the prizes were trickled down to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place, since Mtwo took first place. For Zero G, we only gave out the 3rd place prize, which the winner picked Sol Blaze, since I & Mtwo won 1st and 2nd place respectively.
It's sad isn't it... Losing members sure sucks.

So it seems that the WBBA is working over here with wpardin, and over in Surabaya, where the whole Indonesian community started, you're dwindling... That's sad.