Proposal: Legalize Union Power Mode (TT/Pro) for the Burst Limited format

Greetings WBO tournament go-ers,

I have a simple proposal: Legalize the Power Mode for Union (Takara Tomy and Pro Series) in the Burst Limited format.

The goal is to remove an unnecessary asterisk from the rulebook, and give Union players (who are mostly using it for fun, let's be honest) the option to swap between Speed and Power Modes during matches. Union is already outclassed as an Attack Layer in the format by much better options, and this proposal would also get rid of weird questions like "Wait can I use Hasbro's Union in Power Mode?", "Why is Union Power Mode banned?", or "Can I use Takara Tomy's Union Swords on my Hasbro Union Base?"

This would also require the following ruling to be added to the "Beyblade/Part-Specific Rulings" section of the rulebook:
  • Union Achilles
  • Union Swords:
  • Brand Exclusivity: Takara Tomy's Union Base and Union Swords may not be mixed with Hasbro's Union Base and Union Swords

...or frankly you could keep Hasbro Union Swords legal on Takara Tomy's Union Base since they fit. The Union Achilles Gen Layer (TT Base with Hasbro Swords) weighs about 18.8 grams, which is indeed heavier than most Attack Layers, but weight aside it doesn't do much. At best you make Union Achilles somewhat competitive (hurray?) and at worst you get a funny Layer that barely affects the metagame.
Definitely see this as a good thing, especially considering the idea behind banning power mode was to not have it super heavy if I'm correct we already have buster xcaliber which is at least a good 4 grams heavier than union power mode with the gen weight. Not only that but in general with layers like geist fafnir, bloody longinus, hazard kerbeus, z Achilles and overall heavyweight being allowed union power mode isn't far above or below general attackers in limited and I think it would give people a lot more options.
As one of the people who tested Union back when Limited was first announced and GT layers were made legal in that format, I originally felt that Power Mode was overpowered. However, its been over a year since then and in further testing I've felt like Power Mode is significantly less consistent than Speed Mode due to its rounder shape. I feel that my initial findings were premature. The meta has developed since then and seen powercreep, which I'm admittedly not familiar with.

Given these circumstances, I 100% agree that Union Power should be unbanned.
For the few folks who care and perhaps missed the announcement, Union Power Mode has been removed from the banlist and no Ranked Clause will be implemented for Organizers to re-ban the part.