[Product]  Cho Z Valkyrie 1' Reach Reboot' Hajime Shacho Collaboration wbba Limited

(Mar. 29, 2019  4:34 AM)MagikHorse Wrote:
(Mar. 28, 2019  11:04 PM)TrainiacJ Wrote: Something worth noting: the purple Reboot from the Premium Set (which is almost two years old... i feel old, oh no) didn't seem to have the same sticking problems as the blue Reboots from the gV starter and the God Entry Set (well, mine didn't at least lol). A lot of parts tend to be kind of rough in their first releases and later versions will have fewer issues. Remember when 8 used to stick to Reboot? That got fixed in the next release. Later Revolves tend to spin better, later Orbits and Atomics have better free spin... I'm kinda getting away from my point lol but basically I'd be surprised if Reboot' had sticking problems.

I've never heard of Reboot "sticking". I've heard (and seen) that it's slower to kick off than Ultimate Reboot, but that's hardly getting stuck.

I've had the opposite tendency with Revolve as well. My Revolve from Rising Ragnaruk still works like a charm and is my go-to if I ever want to use it competitively, while my Revolve from Guardian Kerbeus has a loose plate that keeps falling off the driver and my green Revolve from Random Booster 8 (Blaze Ragnaruk Triple Revolve) likes to stick and doesn't spin nearly as well.

This is a place where your mileage may vary.

Part variation is what makes Takara Tomy get more sales and revenue, because we keep on buying copies in the hope of getting better manufactured parts (free-spinning parts actually spin around, tighter teeth, etc)
I think TT might be able to get a handle on manufacturing the reboot driver, I mean it's over 2 years old at this point. Plus they have gotten better with there moving parts. Ultimate reboot as an example
This Is Soo Matte White, looks almost 3D printed

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