[Product]  BBG-26 Samurai Pegasis W105R²F

I wonder why they would use a reused Crystal Wheel for a Starter. That's new, I think.

(Sep. 05, 2012  10:26 PM)Kai-V Wrote: Can you believe that some people do not know about the World Beyblade Organization and are still getting their updates elsewhere ?

Where are they getting them then? I've browsed the webpages throughout the Zero-G season and the only two sites are BeyWikia and you guys.

What I am saying is that, if you think that few people get the news from here ... then why post here "exclusive to the WBO". I understand if you'd post this elsewhere or someone linked their blog here and then said "credit to the WBO for the first info" or whatever. But why constantly post it here? When you said yourself that few people even know about the WBO? Its like bringing your workmates a cup of cofee and saying "I bought this for you" and even writing it down on the coffee lid; "Bought by Kai-V". So that you keep reminding them of what you did. Seems like a sad attempt to become more self important.

(Sep. 05, 2012  10:32 PM)Coach Wrote: Um so you don't steal it.

Seriously now?
sorry for getting off topic,but since gingka was about 12-13 years old,he should be about 18.
I put a bey called AssasinWingW125R3F into the story in my sig, Wing is my Zero-G version of Pegasis, it's a funny coincidence that they made a real Pegasis for Zero-G and there was one in my story weeks before.
(Sep. 05, 2012  10:53 PM)Akio314 Wrote: Wing is my Zero-G version of Pegasis, that's a funny coincidence.

Not a coincidence. Eventually all the original blades will have their Zero-G "evolutions".
I wasn't saying the info is inaccurate, but even though it IS the most accurate info, takara tomy could possibly change the crystal wheel, but until then, it IS Samurai Pegasis.
(Sep. 05, 2012  10:53 PM)Akio314 Wrote: AssasinWingW125R3F
You cannot put the "3" in their, as it is simply just something to replace two other R's.

Right Rubber Flat > R2F.

It is simply just a replacement for having two awkward R's.

Anyways, back on topic. Hmm, Wouldn't this element be fire? I've noticed that the Crystal Wheel will always be the same as it was for every other release ...

Pirates > Orojya, Killerken, Random Booster Beyblades
Samurai > Ifraid, Random Booster Prizes
Shinobi > Saramanda, Booster Prizes,
Archer > Gargole, Gryph

Hah, another Pegasis? Owned by Ginga, maybe? (Excuse my off topic, anime speculation).
Since it's almost certain it'll come with a Rubber Bottom, we might get new Attack dominant bottoms!
Really looking forward to this, my wallet isn't.
Erm.. Has anyone forgotten about F-Dynasty? .-.
You know guys, maybe you should just thank her and move on about your day
She doesn't necessarily have to show us, ya know

I want this.
Not in December, now.
Looks like it's gonna be one bamf. Plzbenewrubberattackbottom
Funny, before summer i drew a Zero G version of Pegasis.
I called it Blue Star Pegasis W115CRF (Circle Rubber Flat). I have a feeling that this bey will have the R2F version of CRF, but that's just me.
Okay damn it, this thread took an unexpected turn.

Of all threads.

Thanks again Kai-V for the updates.
I hope the Crystal wheel has sparkles, even if it isn't going to happen, at all.
A few things lil chap:
Kai-V is the one who reads your reports. Surprise!
She'll probably be here until every last member has done so as well. She's the main admin, so... yeah.
Multiple accounts are against the rules. An IP ban from your area will take real good care of you right there.

And have a little respect towards her dude, she has done more for this site, and the Beyblade community AROUND THE WORLD, than you, I, or anyone else will ever do.
You should be thanking her for all of this- not whining.

Back on topic a bit- can't wait to hear the rest of the parts. Surely it won't be below 145 height, since we all know how they perform in the Zero-G meta.
Glitter in the Crystal Wheel? Yes Please!
Transparent blue with silver glitter would be so fitting for a Pegasis bey!
this stinks.awesome zero-g beys like this are coming out and i'll have to wait a long time for zero-g to come to florida
This could be Ginga's bey in Zero-G!He might also use this bey to battle Zero!Smile
(Sep. 06, 2012  1:09 AM)Blada4LIFE Wrote: This could be Ginga's bey in Zero-G!

Yes, of course, but let's just keep this possibility at an 98%. The other two percent, are if:

A) He isn't one of those stubbornly-masked protagonists which don't reveal their faces
B) If this Pegasis was intended to replace Storm Pegasis (Returned to stars) instead of GALAXY PEGASIS, which was found in a rock


Looking at the render, this wheel seems thin. I dunno, it's an awkward angle for that shape honestly. Nonetheless pretty, but very discerned with how thin that profile seems.
This is my Top Priority.

I will be getting this bey, even if I have to kill the cashiers at JC Penny...
(Sep. 06, 2012  1:53 AM)Nuzumaki90 Wrote: This is my Top

I will be getting this bey, even if I have to kill the cashiers at JC Penny...
lol same here....
Hm, it seems in Zero-G: Old Beyblade ideas(Plastics and MFB)+Flashy new name and zero-g parts=Zero-G Beyblade, no?
(Sep. 05, 2012  4:57 PM)UltimateFantasy Wrote: I'm guessing the last two elements are Light (Pegasis) and Darkness (Bahamudia).

Not possible with this release; Samurai is a Fire-element Crystal Wheel, so Samurai Pegasis is more than likely just a Fire element. However, I can see where you're coming from.

I'm hoping that Samurai isn't the wheel actually, it's stupidly unlikely. "Shinobi" Gryph gives a possibility that it's the wrong Crystal Wheel.

I mean no offense Kai-V, I just thought I'd mention the possibility. Thanks for the information anyway Smile
I wonder if "Heroes" would make sense as a Crystal Wheel, considering Pegasis' legacy.

Not that it is or ever will be that, just wondering.
I wanted to say what ~Mana~ said here and that.

Samurai doesn't really fit Pegasis and I'm looking forward to some kind of a change to it. Not to mention that only 3 Beyblades have been released per element. (See below)

Fire- Ifraid, Saramanda, Phoenic
Water/Aqua- Orojya, Revizer, Killerken
Sky(Based on the Road to Win guide)- Gryph, Dragooon, Gargole
Earth- Goreim, Begirados, soon to be Gamble.
(Sep. 06, 2012  3:44 AM)BH145WD Wrote: Sky(Based on the Road to Win guide)- Gryph, Dragooon, Gargole

Is it actually written, in English, "Sky" ? Because otherwise, the symbol they use for that element is clearly a lightning, so it is Thunder ...

Also, they will have to release more than three of the same type eventually, hah.
So cool! I saw this on YouTube from babyjavi.