[Product]  BBG-24 Beyblade Ultimate Synchrom DX Set Attack & Balance Type

Just for referrence, the colour-matches you can make with the Tracks and Bottoms in these Sets are :

WA130HF (red/orange)
145WB (orange)
E240GCF (flash green)
A230JSB (turquoise green)
SA165WSF (red)
160SB (purple)
AD145SWD (turquoise)
T125EDS (black)
230WD (red/orange)
DF145FS (black)
Just received this set today, and the weight for the two new Metal Wheels are:
Girago: 31.8 grams
Balro: 31.2 grams
Can I get decent to top tier zero-g beys from these sets?