[Product]  BBG-23 Zero-G Random Booster Vol. 3 Bandid Genbull F230TB

The odds are still the same, so you were just unlucky, because your chances do not add the more Random Boosters you buy ... For each Random Booster, you go back to one chance on eight. Then, when you move to the next one, one chance on eight too, etc.
(Nov. 06, 2012  9:03 AM)TimelessOne Wrote: Dammit.. When I went to Japan, I bought 8 of these boosters.. 5 Pheonics, 1 Killerken, 1 Salamadra, and 1 Gryph.. No Genbulls at all ._. Perhaps Takara Tomy actually made the Genbulls "Super Rare"?

Ha! Lucky you. I bought eight of these and didn't get a single Phoenic wheel. All I got was a pair of stupid Genbulls and F230s.

.. I got two Thief Saramanda's and a Bandid Killerken.

At least i got 2 F230's? Confused
Lol is Genbull based on a turtle? Looks like a one eyed angry turtle; actually it looks like that three tailed beast from Naruto Shippuden ! Thanks again Kai V.
@ J o n: As a matter of fact, Genbull is based on Xuan Wu, the Black Turtle of the North from Chinese Astrology. The Japanese called it Genbu, thus Genbull. This kind of thing has been mentioned quite earlier in this topic, to let you know.
And it is also quite clearly explained in the obvious article on Beywiki ...
Is there any news on if Sono Kong will release this?
(Jan. 20, 2013  9:20 PM)ring1098 Wrote: Is there any news on if Sono Kong will release this?

No, but we always only get news on the day of their Korean release, plus it is normal right now since SonoKong always releases items in batches, with several months between them.