[Product]  BBG-21 First Zero-G Battle Set

(Aug. 21, 2012  1:39 AM)zionson Wrote: ........
oh, and I want this Earth attack wheel bad!

If you are talking about the faded, beyblade on the bottom next to a brown symbol (probably earth) I'm pretty sure that's begirados.

If you look closely you can see there are the spikes on the inside of the metal wheel which match up with the spikes shown on atamaii.com's video. Plus it's a "stamina type" which corresponds to begirados's typing.
Yes, that is Berserker Begirados. Just compare it to the picture in the Berseker thread in the OP.
The recolours look nice. Tbh when looking back I think it will be useful because of the nice parts with a stadium. Unlike with the others sets where the beys they come with are sometimes just awful. When the price goes down I might buy it since I own none of the things in the set and those recolours look hot. Either that or I might just get the Guardian Reviser recolour off YJA seperately. There also aren't any on ebay which is strange since it's been 10 days now.
I only like the Revizer in this set.. Because of its aesthetics Eee
Well yeah. The Samurai Ifraid isn't anything special.