[Product]  BBG-17 Zero-G Random Booster Vol. 2 Archer Gargole SA165WSF

Eh, like anything Gargoyles have been done and redone so many times it's hard to take an absolute example of just exactly what a gargoyle looks like. TT just went down the more whimsical route. Well, at least it can be replaced with a MSF Custom.
Takara have never done that well with Gargoyles, Death Gargoyle MS was all Lion, while the original Death Gargoyle was just an indecipherable mess from what I can tell. I mean, I still prefer them to this one, but yeah.
Takara should be free to reference if they want, even if it's vague that they intended for a Brooklyn-from-Gargoyles vibe.

Now that's done being talked about;

I am more pleased with the decals here even though they should have made at least one or two Chrome Wheels painted.
(Jul. 15, 2012  4:43 PM)Raigeko13 Wrote: I knew I was forgetting to do something last night when I went to bed! Lips_sealed I apologize, and thanks for the whole slew of new info on everything!

Thank you very much.
I really can't wait to see the diameter on SA165 compared to smaller Metal Wheels from Metal Fusion/Fury, personally... it looks like it might be able to create a very neat looking thing when paired with Mercury or Bakushin.
I can make an HWS equivalent to Xeronix with Jade Ketos (White) SA165W2D

That seems... Plausible.
(Jul. 15, 2012  4:47 PM)th!nk Wrote: Eurgh, not liking Gargoyle/Gargole or it's face mark at all, and the lack of a Killerken in there is extremely disappointing, and the fact they're still using the same wheels as ZGRB1 is just depressing. I'm hoping one of the revizers will come with SA165, as I'd probably buy that.

Did anybody really expect them to include Killerken, though? There's no precedent for TAKARA-TOMY to do something like that.
It was less an expectation for it and more a whole lot of hope because I really love Killerken but there's no way I'm buying two of the already overpriced set to synchrome it or whatever.
An ebay listing posted the parts for the other Beyblade's ... but I have a feeling it's wrong; since a few people see M145, and this doesn't have it ..


Don't believe it, unless Kai-V can confirm it, and post the actual parts.
I know it's not confirmed but GB145 would be a warm welcome that's for sure. That and EDS.

For some reason, that one (Pirates?) Revizer with the golden crystal wheel has a couple dark, round objects you can see that appear to be metal. Right through it. I'll say no more.
The red and green Tracks have their holes and screws molded in the exact same places as M145... GB145's screws don't match up nor does it even have holes. lol
Awwww yeaaahhh. If that's correct, I'm looking forward to this even more now. Imagine what will come in ZGRBV3!

Bakushin and SA165... That sounds amazing.
Seriously, I do not know how anybody can even imagine a Bottom from the picture I posted ... They cannot be seen, at all.
I'm just taking that from the eBay link. I really do highly doubt they will have EDS in the RB, but if it's true, that's great.
Still looking forward to the official parts. Smile
I was completely correct about the spelling of this prize Beyblade : it is Gargole.
[Image: chromewheel_gargole.jpg]

SA165 stands for Switch Attack 165 :
[Image: track_sa_img.jpg]

WSF stands for Wide Semi Flat :
[Image: bottom_wsf_img.jpg]

Another bigger, more tilted picture that shows Archer Gargole with its Track :
[Image: bbg17%E6%96%9C%E3%83%A1%E3%82%BF%E3%83%A...%82%A2.jpg]
That's good to hear it can switch modes. Hopefully it isn't confined to a certain wheel like a certain past track was... Grin
Thanks for the photos!
Switch Attack? That size? This is madness.

Thank you Kai-V
Switch Attack and Wide Semi Flat look cool. And as Syncrystal said, that size. E230 and now this? Awesome.

Thanks for the pics Kai-V!
Wow, that track looks amazing! It kinda reminds me of a part idea I posted with a funnel that could switch either upwards or downwards. That track could be the next AD145, looking at it(and if not, we still have W145). So in all of these pics, is the track in attack mode? Because I'm thinking switching the funnel downwards would be better for attack. Also, I'm expecting WSF to be a good attack part, it will be like a F-WF when balanced but more like an SF when hit hard, especially in a Zero-G stadium.
Dear Kai-V,

Thank you for all the help you have given us with your new findings.

We especially appreciate the information, pictures and the insight you have provided us with. Your assistance has been valuable to us.

Again, thank you so much. We greatly appreciate your generosity.

Best Regards,


Total pwnage to all those little "Thank You's".

I'm thinking the track will be similar to the BD145 in terms of compatibility.
Hohoho, thank you for those pictures!

Gargoyle looks awesome, but also really light since it has all those holes. Maybe it'll be the lightest Chrome Wheel so far? I don't see any reason that would be a good thing, but who knows? Maybe a Synchrom with a light Gargoyle either on top or bottom would do some funky center of gravity tricks or something.

Switch Attack looks like a very fun piece for sure. The disk isn't as tall as I thought it was from the first picture, so I can see the switch gimmick actually making sense now. I can't tell what, exactly, it will be good for, but surely it'll be top tier at something (just look at the darn thing!).

I realllly like WSF. I'm hoping it'll be as tall as a regular SF, but no taller (oh lawdy if it was somehow shorter I would flip). I doubt it'll be top tier at anything, but lord knows it's an interesting part to play with.

(All these comments are about BB-10 metas, not Zero-G)
Da heck,another Zero-G item to be released on my birthday?My life is awesome.Can't wait for it.
Cool a 25% chance of getting the new gargole chrome wheel!
(Jul. 17, 2012  6:25 PM)Ingulit Wrote: Gargoyle looks awesome, but also really light since it has all those holes. Maybe it'll be the lightest Chrome Wheel so far? I don't see any reason that would be a good thing, but who knows? Maybe a Synchrom with a light Gargoyle either on top or bottom would do some funky center of gravity tricks or something.

* Gargole, hah.

Thank you Raigeko13, Syncrystal, Crab Commando, Insomniac (++, I suppose, hah) and Ingulit.

The article stub for Archer Gargole SA165WSF is already up :

I will add more pictures later.