[Product]  BBG-15 Metal Stone Face Ocean Blue

Can't wait to see the pics of this
(Jun. 15, 2012  7:36 PM)Thunder Dome Wrote: Can't wait to see the pics of this

... Are you blind ?
I think he meant it colored blue, haha.
Unimaginable, for certain ...

Here is "Ocean Blue" :
[Image: metalstonefacecustomver.jpg]
I do like red, but this is just way more pleasant to look at. Thanks Kai-V!
A nice break from all of the red that's been released in Zero-G so far, thank goodness.
Somewhat dissapointed in these really. "Flame Red" is nothing more than the standard red of transparent red parts and this "Ocean" blue is equally generic. I was hoping for something with a tinge of orange for "Flame" and a light, slightly greenish sea blue for "Ocean".

Then again, if I'm using the metal it won't make a difference.