[Product]  BBG-09 Random Booster Vol. 1 Thief Phoenic E230GCF

E230 looks pretty sweet if you ask me.
The stub for Thief Phoenic E230GCF is done :
ah, Now I see why Thief Phoenic is an attack type...

So, when the disk in E230 hits the side of the stadium floor, it goes up, making it spin wildly, making the stadium sway...

It's just a theory, though
The disk will not make it go upwards, it just makes sure it is balance.
Quite nice, and informative! Grin
Sooo, now that its clear to me that the disk cannot be fixed at a certain height (things weren't confirmed when I was checked this thread a few days back; post which, I have been Away), I would rather deem it to be a useless gimmick. But seeing the TT sketches and the article of E230, it doesn't sound to be useless after all! Instead, it sounds like the most innovative thing TT could have done! How useful would it be, would of course be left to testing...
Thanks, Kai-V!

Also, I believe Blood means to say that the E230 disk, if comes in contact with the stadium floor, would give the bey a highly aggressive movement (probably because of the rather flat underside of the disk), which in turn, would sway the stadium wildly; keeping the bey on the E230 setup unaffected...
Tough to explain, but I think that is just what he means...
I think GCF will be mostly useless. I was about to write in the article that it would have an effect similar to JB which, besides a few stories, was mostly useless upon release.
Similar to JB?!
Whenever I think of GCF, I picture a Zero G version of an LF tip, because of it being plastic, and having gear-like protrusions, haha!
I can't wait for that article, as I am really curious to know as to how do you see it similar to a JB... Smile
JB's gimmick on an attack tip wouldn't actually be that bad, it was more aggressive than WB after all. No substitute for rubber though.
The stub is done as far as I am concerned, that is not what I meant, hah.

is slightly similar to

The first is a weird representation of JB's structure, and the second is a weird representation of GCF's gear pattern. Also, TAKARA-TOMY'S sketch says that it should have some slightly erratic movements, and JB did have a few small bounces or odd patterns from what I can remember.
It will probably shake the stadium a bit more, like causing vibrations. It could work well, if that improves the Zero-G attacks, but whether or not it does is not something I think we can judge at this point - it could really go either way.

As for JB being erratic, it wasn't really, every so often the pattern would change a bit depending how many nubs were touching the surface, but with GCF there should be much less variation in that sense.
But with the swaying stadium, the number of 'teeth' touching the stadium would change continuously! Sometimes, it would even lose complete contact with the stadium, no? That might give it some erratic movements...
Then again, it shouldn't be just GCF then... Even a CF would have erratic movement, should my theory be correct...
It would change between a very limited range of selections, though, so it's behaviour would be pretty stable, whereas JB can change between a much wider range of points making contact.

Yes, it will probably shake the stadium a bit, but it's not really the same kind of "erratic" movement implied when referring to JB. That said, this is all just speculation.
Personally, I think it will perform similarly to CF if the tip is the same width, with the scrapping noise we hear from LF when it hits the surface.

E230 really seems like it could be a great Defense Track. It looks fairly heavy, maybe even near the same weight as BD145, with fewer scrapping issues.

The official box art is driving me nuts though. You can actually see more parts of the Tracks through the Wheels compared to previous RBV's, and I'm already heavily anticipating whether my guesses are correct.
E230 just looks really interesting altogether, and I can't wait to hunt this thing down - I've got three of these Random Boosters preordered out of the gate. The only problem I'm having is that Thief Phoenic's Crystal Wheel is a really really nasty color, but hopefully it's just the photographs...
It does look really horrible, but it's pretty unlikely you'll end up using it anyway so you can just hide it where it can't hurt your eyes.
The render on the first page looked so much better ... It looked bland when that was all we had, but the final product with the blue, orange and almost pink stickers, the grey Face, the grey-yellow Crystal Wheel : bland with a red Crystal Wheel would have been a lot less ugly.
Honestly, there's no way I'd put those stickers on the beyblade, they just look horrid, like someone learnt to draw flames badly and use the gradient tool and in Photoshop and was so proud they used it for stickers. Green-Grey-Yellow is really not the right color for a Phoenix at all and some of the pictures of it make it look really gross, while the face is nice on its own but a completely different colour to every other part of the beyblade.

Basically, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess whoever chose the color scheme was blind.
I like the stickers if I just cover up the nasty Crystal Wheel in MS paint, but with it, it's nauseating.

I really think a red Crystal Wheel would've been better in general, also, although with those stickers, a neat cobalt-ish color would probably look best.
These are apparently the parts for this Random Booster :

Thief Phoenic E230GCF (Super Rare)
Thief Saramanda 230WB (Rare)
Samurai Saramanda E230ES (Rare)
Pirates Ifraid T125GCF (Rare)
Shinobi Ifraid 230WD
Pirates Saramanda T125WB
Shinobi Orojya 145ES
Samurai Orojya 145WD

So, this new "Rare" appellation just refers to the fact that those Beyblades contain one of the Super Rare Beyblade's parts.
I think it is pretty interesting that the Prize Bey's track can be on non-Prize Beys, at the very least - plus, a synchrom combo!
Not gonna lie, I was really hoping the other parts would include the tracks/tips of the other Zero-G Beys, eg W145, CF, and D, so I could just start here instead.

Oh well, at least there's more chance of getting most of the unique parts.
Just means you can get a Start Dash Set instead of just BBG-03 and you'll be fine, really.
(Apr. 19, 2012  6:56 PM)Hazel Wrote: I think it is pretty interesting that the Prize Bey's track can be on non-Prize Beys, at the very least - plus, a synchrom combo!

I like that feature a lot! It means that there really is more than just 1 prize bey in the set. Awesome!

And... I don't see a Synchrom combo on that list...
Aha, there isn't one. Somehow I read Samurai Saramanda as Saramanda Saramanda.

I think I'm done with the letters "a" and "s" for a while.
That'a s crying ahsme. A Synchrom combo would have been awesome. Eee