[Product]  BBG-06 BeyCarrier Zero G

As several have stated before, I was kinda hoping it would be bigger, but as I missed out on the Hard-Type BeyCarrier the first time, I'll probably get one of these, if only for the really cool shade of red.

Of course, if they release a blue version of this down the line, I'll be kicking myself in the head.

Thanks for the update, Kai-V!
(Mar. 19, 2012  12:46 AM)Kai-V Wrote: That is probably just a sticker actually, hah.

(Mar. 20, 2012  4:13 PM)Janstarblast Wrote: Awesome!
Well, I am not really interested in BeyCarriers, but the color probably attracts my attention. Smile
I hope that "Zero G" is not a sticker.... Smile

The Zero-G logos are in fact stickers. We opened one of these yesterday and put it together.
But well, as long as one takes care of it, the sticker certainly looks wonderful, haha!

Thanks, Arupaeo!
I could do better than this pathectic work
Then do it and see if you can sell it like they do.
Get on their level.