[Product]  BBG-05 Zero-G Light Launcher

Looks just as awful in the official image as it did before... at least the actual grip turned out to not look this terrible, though.
Aesthetically, it doesnt look nice, but it serves great purpose. Sliding shoot doesnt look possible though...not unless you wish to break your ripcord.

Anyone see the typo at 2:00?
Oh, good. I'm not the only one that saw that. xD

"Shinobi Salamander W145SD"? They left out the S...
I think that the launchers will be as the ancient, a young (as in striker) and a big (other).
salamender have a chrome face?
(Mar. 16, 2012  6:38 PM)theowiwak Wrote: I think that the launchers will be as the ancient, a young (as in striker) and a big (other).
salamender have a chrome face?

I do not really understand your first sentence.

For the second sentence, which is a question, read the Shinobi Salamander article on Beywiki.
AS for me I think this a great idea for a vertical lauch. It is more stable than the snipe launcher because it is rigid and that is the only way it can be launched.
On the WBBA blog they talk about the light launcher and some of the prototypes they came up with and check out this concept drawing:
That's right, a P90 launcher! This would have been literally the best thing TT could have ever made. Never before have I felt so upset that a company/developer didn't use a particular concept drawing for the final product.
I have to admit that, when I saw those pictures, I also thought it would have been way too cool ...
It would have came with a grip, beypoint card slot, AND RED DOT SIGHT?

I think I'm in love Confused

One of the coolest concepts I'v ever seen, the final product is still pretty cool though.
W-Why Why was-Oh i see why it looks like a gun oh boo hoo hoo AUGH i want one i feels so cheated.
Takara-Tomy, I DEMAND that you manufacture those launchers! NOW!
Serious Serious Serious

Man, that is the most amazing launcher I have ever seen, no question. It looks like laser pistol from a science fiction movie. And...duel spin?! There are removeable prongs, like VariAres' launcher.

Oh well...it was an amazing concept. Besides, Hasbro would never release it. They'd release a rubber duck with a ripcord instead XD.
I can't imagine pulling a ripcord from that position to be all to comfortable, though, nor easy to keep the ripcord straightened...

Plus, I am still not fond of the snipe launcher angle.

Still, it does look neat, and would've made for an interesting novelty compared to the abomination they released instead.
(Feb. 03, 2012  8:20 PM)Kai-V Wrote: To be released on March 31st, 2012 for approximately 630 yen.

(Mar. 14, 2012  3:05 PM)Kai-V Wrote: Here is an actual picture of a Zero-G Light Launcher, but I think it might also already be attached to a Zero-G Launcher Grip :

I am pasting the picture here as well only because some people truly cannot access the above link, but the image cannot be reproduced.
[Image: zeroglightlauncher4.jpg]

You can now launch really vertically. I have no idea what that cylinder on the left is ...

The cylinder is actually the grip for the light launcher. When you equipt it with bbg-07 launcher grip you can extend the handle. Bbg-07 is compatible with grip rubber and the grip extension from the previous metal fight beyblades.
You should really read more before you post, because that was a message from over a month ago, when we barely knew anything about this new launcher. Now we know everything about it ...
I'm late seeing, but holy carp, I would pay so much for that prototype launcher.
Man, if I showed that to my friends they'd all Beyblade.